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Kingdom(Popularity:10 hits)update

Millions of years have passed since the times of legends, when the worlds of man and gods were still the same. In these times it was the desires of man that moved the world. It is the era of the 500 year war: The warring states peroid. Kingdom is the story of a young boy named Xin who grew into a great general and all the trials and bloodshed that lead him there.
Latest Chapters[Vol.625] [Vol.624] [Vol.623] Expected to update:Dec 13,2019
AuthorHARA Yasuhisa Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Usogui(Popularity:10 hits)update

There are gamblers out there who even bet their lives as ante. But to secure the integrity of these life-threatening gambles, a violent and powerful organization by the name of “Kagerou” referees these games as a neutral party. Follow Bak Madarame a.k.a. Usogui (The Lie Eater) as he gambles against maniacal opponents at games – such as Escape the Abandoned Building, Old Maid, and Hangman – to ulti...
Latest Chapters[Vol.369] [Vol.368] [Vol.367] Expected to update:Dec 13,2019
AuthorSAKO Toshio Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Boku wa Beatles(Popularity:10 hits)update

This is the tale of two members of a Beatles cover band who find themselves transported back in time to 1961 – to a time before anyone had ever heard of the Beatles – and decide to take the mantle of the world’s greatest rock band for themselves!
Latest Chapters[Vol.042] [Vol.041] [Vol.040] Expected to update:Dec 13,2019
AuthorFUJII Tetsuo Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Higanjima(Popularity:10 hits)update

It's all about vampire hunting versus man hunting in the series. Akira's brother, Atsushi, was found missing for 2 years. And recently a mysterious woman appeared and told him that she can bring him to Higanjima (an island's name) where she saw Atsushi. But she also asked that he should brings a few more friends there...
Latest Chapters[Vol.314] [Vol.313] [Vol.312] Expected to update:Dec 12,2019
AuthorMATSUMOTO Kouji Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Otoyomegatari(Popularity:10 hits)update

Set in Central Asia in a rural town near the Caspian Sea during the early 19th century, the story revolves around a young woman, Amir, who arrives from a distant village across the mountains to marry Karluk, a boy eight years her junior. The story unfolds among details of everyday family and community life. However, the peaceful atmosphere is disturbed when Amir's family demands to take her back t...
Latest Chapters[Vol.087] [Vol.086] [Vol.085] Expected to update:Dec 12,2019
AuthorMORI Kaoru Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Belial-sama wa Shitennou no Naka demo xx(Popularity:10 hits)update

A wacky-loser comedy about Lord Belial, one of the Four Heavenly Generals.
Latest Chapters[Ch.004] [Ch.003] [Ch.002] Expected to update:Dec 12,2019
AuthorHayashi Yuuichi Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Gisho Getter Robo Darkness(Popularity:10 hits)update

Eight years prior to the story, explosions caused by scientists at the foot of Mt. Asama which caused a meltdown of Getter Ray energy that spread throughout all of Japan. People throughout the world began to experience some extreme mutations from the irradiation of Getter Energy that caused them to fuse with machinery and organic material and were dubbed the Idea. To combat them the Getter Robo is...
Latest Chapters[Ch.030] [Ch.029] [Ch.028] Expected to update:Dec 12,2019
AuthorISHIKAWA Ken NAGAI Go Status:Completed Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Sousei no Taiga(Popularity:10 hits)update

A story of a young man who lacks a sense of reality after being dumped by his lover. He was visiting a seminar on cultural anthropology with his fellow classmates when he discoveres an ancient wall painting, which transports him to the past where mammoths dominated the world.
Latest Chapters[Ch.029] [Ch.028] [Ch.027] Expected to update:Dec 12,2019
AuthorMORI Kouji Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Sasori(Popularity:10 hits)update

A tale of one woman's revenge. After being sent to prison for attempted murder, Nami Matsushima struggles to survive torture from the guards and her cellmates, so that she can escape and take revenge on the man who's responsible for all her pain.
Latest Chapters[Ch.035] [Ch.034] [Ch.033] Expected to update:Dec 12,2019
AuthorSHINOHARA Tohru Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Go! Tenba Cheerleaders(Popularity:10 hits)update

Last and only member of the traditional rooting club kind of gets tricked into joining the schools cheerleading club. Let him show you just how much spirit he possesses.
Latest Chapters[Vol.044] [Vol.043] [Vol.042] Expected to update:Dec 12,2019
AuthorSOGABE Toshinori Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Sekai no Owari ni Shiba Inu to(Popularity:10 hits)update

Follow the fluffy travels of a female high schooler and a talking Shiba Inu across a post-apocalyptic world!
Latest Chapters[Ch.025] [Ch.024] [Ch.023] Expected to update:Dec 12,2019
AuthorIshihara Yuu Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Out (MIZUTA Makoto)(Popularity:10 hits)update

17-year-old Iguchi Tatsuya has just been released from juvenile detention and is on probation. He's been relocated to a new area, away from the bad influence of his old friends, and is under the care of his aunt. He is determined not to be sent back to lockup, and he works hard in his aunt's restaurant. However, he still has the same personality, the same tendency to violence, and still falls in w...
Latest Chapters[Ch.155] [Ch.154] [Ch.153] Expected to update:Dec 12,2019
AuthorIGUCHI Tatsuya Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Shima Shima Yamazaki Sayaka(Popularity:10 hits)update

Shio Houkigi runs an aromatherapy salon by day, but has another occupation by night. She runs "Striped Sheep," a service that provides relief to women who have a hard time falling asleep without a man by their side.
Latest Chapters[Ch.059] [Ch.058] [Ch.057] Expected to update:Dec 12,2019
AuthorYamazaki Sayaka Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Overlord(Popularity:10 hits)update

The story begins with Yggdrasil, a popular online game which is quietly shut down on its last day. Our protagonist Momonga decided to stay until the last moment in his beloved game and wait for the force logout. Unexpectedly, the server did not shut down and Momonga is stuck in his skeleton body and got transferred to another world. "The powerful Overlord" needs now to discover a new world and fac...
Latest Chapters[Ch.053] [Ch.052] [Ch.051] Expected to update:Dec 12,2019
AuthorMARUYAMA Kugane Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Jagaaaaaan(Popularity:10 hits)update

Shintarou Jagasaki, who is a neighborhood police officer, lives with his girlfriend while working a job that is killing him slowly with annoyance. It looks like he will end up marrying soon and live a boring life with a nuclear family - a grim future for a guy with dreams! One such day, a mysterious monster appeared on the train and he suddenly can shoot with his right hand like Master Buppanatsu,...
Latest Chapters[Ch.075] [Ch.074] [Ch.073] Expected to update:Dec 12,2019
AuthorKANESHIRO Muneyuki Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Neko no Otera no Chion-san(Popularity:10 hits)update

Looking for peace, Gen decided to attend high school somewhere far from his home, in another prefecture, where his distant relatives run the local temple, which will become Gen’s new home and the start of his new life shared with his older female cousin, Chion.
Latest Chapters[Ch.027] [Ch.026] [Ch.025] Expected to update:Dec 12,2019
AuthorOJIRO Makoto Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Futoku no Guild(Popularity:10 hits)update

Kikuru Madan, a monster hunter with excellent performance, because of his particular job in the forest, He decided to quit his job because of fear wasting his own youth. the reason he want to quit because one of his friend married. One day there is a new recruiter. Enome the Guild recepcionist-girl asking Him to accompany Hitamu Kyan the Lolipai Martial-Artist to keep her save in the back and ...
Latest Chapters[Vol.024] [Vol.023] [Vol.022] Expected to update:Dec 12,2019
AuthorKAWAZOE Taichi Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Ao Ashi(Popularity:10 hits)update

Seinen sports series, serialized on Big Comic Spirits. Nominated for the 2017 Manga Taisho Award.
Latest Chapters[Ch.028] [Ch.027] [Ch.026] Expected to update:Dec 12,2019
AuthorKOBAYASHI Yuugo UENO Naohiko Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Yancha Gal no Anjou-san(Popularity:10 hits)update

Seto is a serious kid who leads a quiet High-school life, until he starts to get teased by resident Gal Anjo.
Latest Chapters[Ch.051] [Ch.050] [Ch.049] Expected to update:Dec 11,2019
AuthorKATOU Yuuichi Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

The Hunter(Popularity:10 hits)update

Chen BeiMing was once a young and talented hunter of the Heavenly Alliance, until he got betrayed and murdered by The Five Lords. He gets resurrected into the past while having his memory intact and swears that he will get revenge on those who betrayed him. With the help of his battle sprite, he once ascends the road to become the strongest again...
Latest Chapters[Ch.049] [Ch.048] [Ch.047] Expected to update:Dec 11,2019
Author比格熊 Big Bear Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionChinese Manhua

Strike or Gutter(Popularity:10 hits)update

Touka is an ordinary high school girl who loves bowling. Her father runs a bowling alley, she has a crush on her former coach, and she is a pro at the game.
Latest Chapters[Ch.017] [Ch.016] [Ch.015] Expected to update:Dec 11,2019
AuthorAndo Yuu Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Winner Takes All(Popularity:10 hits)update

Revenge~Sure is a sweet thing!
Latest Chapters[Ch.053] [Ch.052] [Ch.051] Expected to update:Dec 11,2019
AuthorGK Workshop Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionChinese Manhua

Koi wa Amaagari no You ni(Popularity:10 hits)update

Akira Tachibana is a soft-spoken high school student who used to be a part of the track and field club but, due to an injury, she is no longer able to run as fast as she once could. Working part-time at a family restaurant as a recourse, she finds herself inexplicably falling love with her manager, a divorced 45-year-old man with a young son.
Latest Chapters[Ch.071] [Ch.070] [Ch.069] Expected to update:Dec 11,2019
AuthorMAYUZUKI Jun Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Kudan no Gotoshi(Popularity:10 hits)update

Seven college students are coming back from their graduations. During the travel they are shocked to see a strange, cow-like creature with a human face. This accident means they only have seven days left to live. What will they do to stay alive until the fated day?
Latest Chapters[Ch.026] [Ch.025] [Ch.024] Expected to update:Dec 11,2019
AuthorWATANABE Jun Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga
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