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Comics list of the data from www.dm5.com, is 200 million members of the animation house wind statistics, to some extent represents the extent of the wonderful cartoons, comic industry leader. For reference only, thank you for your support!

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Ranking Comic Name/New chapter Comics On Hits
NO.01 Chokotto Hime Ch.12 276,038 hits
NO.02 Hanamai Koeda de Aimashou Ch.5 300,457 hits
NO.03 Bitter Chocolate Kiss Ch.4 277,516 hits
NO.04 Fushigi na Shounen Ch.20 222,883 hits
NO.05 Yawarakai Onna Ch.10 7,866 hits
NO.06 Cheese in the Trap Ch.39 webtoonlive 4,208 hits
NO.07 XO Sisters Ch.17 7,133 hits
NO.08 Prince of Tennis Ch.379 5,586 hits
NO.09 Do Your Best, Chrono-kun! Ch.0 81,071 hits
NO.10 The Gamer Ch.79 20,948 hits
NO.11 Noblesse Ch.336 Easy Going Scans, Raw Crossing, ZYuHi Noblesse Translations 81,535 hits
NO.12 Onepunch-Man (ONE) Ch.94 4,185 hits
NO.13 Full House Ch.1 2,350 hits
NO.14 Naruto Ch.686 Franky House, Binktopia, SleepyFans, APTA 202,549 hits
NO.15 Pokemon Adventures Ch.457 /a/nonymous scanlations 5,315 hits
NO.16 Ganota no Onna Ch.26 1,557 hits
NO.17 Kono S o, Mi yo! Ch.86 32,257 hits
NO.18 Crepuscule (Yamchi) Ch.166 28,652 hits
NO.19 Minimum Ch.33 14,123 hits
NO.20 The Wallflower Ch.128 3,823 hits
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