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Comics list of the data from www.dm5.com, is 200 million members of the animation house wind statistics, to some extent represents the extent of the wonderful cartoons, comic industry leader. For reference only, thank you for your support!

Popular comic list

Ranking Comic Name/New chapter Comics On Hits
NO.01 Hanamai Koeda de Aimashou Ch.5 174,062 hits
NO.02 Bitter Chocolate Kiss Ch.4 173,996 hits
NO.03 Chokotto Hime Ch.12 150,067 hits
NO.04 Fushigi na Shounen Ch.20 153,835 hits
NO.05 Do Your Best, Chrono-kun! Ch.0 53,886 hits
NO.06 Girls of the Wild's Ch.167 68,983 hits
NO.07 Ares Ch.205 A-Team 3,094 hits
NO.08 Noblesse Ch.336 Easy Going Scans, Raw Crossing, ZYuHi Noblesse Translations 74,354 hits
NO.09 Naruto Ch.686 Franky House, Binktopia, SleepyFans, APTA 190,002 hits
NO.10 Bleach Ch.590 Franky House, SleepyFans 95,031 hits
NO.11 Kubera Ch.192 The Company 8,690 hits
NO.12 American Ghost Jack Ch.42 1,327 hits
NO.13 Usotsuki Paradox Ch.47 37,500 hits
NO.14 Saesang Bring It On! Ch.74 Tasty Kiwi Scans 10,644 hits
NO.15 Asa made Jugyou Chu! Ch.36 19,124 hits
NO.16 One Piece Ch.754 Franky House, Binktopia, Null, SleepyFans 149,040 hits
NO.17 The Breaker: New Waves Ch.184 A-Team 38,961 hits
NO.18 Looking for a Father Ch.23 1,247 hits
NO.19 Ranma 1/2 Ch.4 1,503 hits
NO.20 Love in the Mask Ch.134 Loyal Kiss, Tinte 10,330 hits
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