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Garasu no Kodou(Popularity:10 hits)

"You, want to join the track and field club?" Kourin-senpai's words decided the outlook of Fuuko's adolescence. Discovering the joy of running, with Takeo and Kiichi who joined the track and field club together with her, under vigorous training they sweat on the track everyday. Before long, her feelings towards Kourin-senpai's changes from admiration to love... Becoming a sparkling light...
Latest Chapters[Ch.2] [Ch.1.3] [Ch.1.2] Expected to update:Sep 29,2011
AuthorMiwa Ueda Status:in series Genre(s)Romance Shoujo Sports RegionJapanese

Mind Game(Popularity:10 hits)

On top of being bad at studying, Misato, a grade 9 student, has bad luck with her love life as well. This is a story about this girl’s fresh first love. Volume 2 also contains two side stories. -- Aerandria Scans
Latest Chapters[Ch.10] [Ch.9] [Ch.8] Expected to update:Sep 29,2011
AuthorShiina Ayumi Status:in series Genre(s)Drama Romance Shoujo RegionJapanese

Replica(Popularity:10 hits)

From Bliss: While trying to find a job, Manji, a for-hire bodyguard, also known as "Akainu (Red Dog)", meets Karu who works for "CARDS". Discovering that Karu's mission is to exterminate the deadly "TOYs", which mindlessly attack any living things, Manji can't help but forcefully tag along to relieve his boredom... Edit: Officially a Shoujo manga, though the art...
Latest Chapters[Ch.7] [Ch.6] [Ch.5] Expected to update:Sep 29,2011
AuthorKarakara Kemuri Status:in series Genre(s)Action Comedy Supernatural Sci-fi Shoujo RegionJapanese

Trusty Bell - Chopin no Yume(Popularity:10 hits)

On his deathbed, the famous composer, Chopin, drifts between this life and the next. In his final hours, he experiences a fantastical dream where he encounters a young girl named Polka facing a terrible destiny and the boy named Allegretto who will fight to save her. On the border between dreams and reality, Chopin discovers the light that shines in all of us in this enduring tale of good, evil, l...
Latest Chapters[Ch.10] [Ch.9] [Ch.8] Expected to update:Nov 22,2008
AuthorKuroi Mimei Status:in series Genre(s)Fantasy Drama Romance Historical RegionJapanese

Out (HIDAKA Shoko)(Popularity:10 hits)

Yoshino moves to a building owned by his college friend, Kuga. While hanging out with him, Yoshino starts to admire Kuga for his decisiveness and free style of living. But what if Kuga's feelings towards Yoshino aren't only those of a friendship?
Latest Chapters[Ch.1] Expected to update:Oct 16,2005
AuthorHidaka Shoko Status:in series Genre(s)Drama One Shot Shounen Ai RegionJapanese

Oujisama Lv1(Popularity:10 hits)

From Aku-tenshi: In a peaceful farmland country, there lived a prince Canaan who yearned for adventures. Together with his personal bodyguard Celeste, the ultimate adventure awaits~! Guilds, dungeons, and... Hot springs!? Based on the ever so popular BL RPG game made by Alice Blue, Oujisama Lv.1
Latest Chapters[Ch.5] [Ch.4] [Ch.3] Expected to update:Sep 23,2002
AuthorAlice Blue Kuwabara Yuuko Status:in series Genre(s)Adventure Fantasy Shounen Ai RegionJapanese

Zettai Oshienai(Popularity:10 hits)

Sugiyama Rika is the Chief of Public Moral in her school and dislikes the school's student body President Jinguuji Kasui. She thinks he's incompetent and an expert at lying. One day a rumor broke out about a myth about love in their old school building, suddenly Rika finds herself entangled in the love myth with none other than... Jinguuji Kasui?!
Latest Chapters[Ch.0] Expected to update:Oct 07,2011
AuthorYagami Rina Status:in series Genre(s)One Shot Romance School Life Shoujo RegionJapanese

Ai ni Yuku(Popularity:10 hits)

A spirit goes to the city to find a childhood friend who's now a teenager.
Latest Chapters[Ch.2] [Ch.1] Expected to update:May 06,2012
AuthorOgura Muku Status:in series Genre(s)Shoujo Ai Supernatural Regionother

Tsuiteru Kanojo(Popularity:10 hits)

Have you ever lost anything that was so precious to you, that if it were gone you wouldn't know what to do? For Otokawa Natsuru, that item is a keychain. Hearing from Kazama Miori, a fellow student with renowned psychic powers, that taking something precious can help with relationships, Natsuru takes her keychain on a date with childhood friend Yanagi Eitaro. But somewhere along the date, her prec...
Latest Chapters[Ch.8] [Ch.7] [Ch.6] Expected to update:Sep 29,2011
AuthorZappa Go Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy Supernatural Drama Ecchi Romance Tragedy School Life Slice Of Life RegionJapanese

Saikyou Seitokai Tsubakiyo(Popularity:10 hits)

From Nagareboshi Manga: The student council is full of strange, quirky people with clashing personalities. One person in particular, Tsubaki Kiyoi (nicknamed Tsubakiyo), has a special talent that only one other person knows about-- when she touches someone, she can access their thoughts and memories. But because of this talent, she is very introverted and damaged inside. Can she overcome her fear...
Latest Chapters[Ch.7] [Ch.6] [Ch.5] Expected to update:Sep 29,2011
AuthorHara Asumi Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy Supernatural Romance School Life Shoujo RegionJapanese

I Love You Baby(Popularity:10 hits)

From Chibi Manga: You are the "first" of everything for me who is afraid of guys.
Latest Chapters[Ch.1] Expected to update:Jan 21,2014
AuthorKomori Mikko Status:in series Genre(s)Shoujo RegionJapanese

Kidou Senshi Gundam: Giren Ansatsu Keikaku(Popularity:10 hits)

From Bakaupdates: Leopold Fieseler, a detective with the Zeon Public Peace Department/Zeon Public Safety Department is charged with investigating terrorist attacks against Zeon government officials led by an anti-Zabi group called Valkyrie. While researching to find out who were the culprits, Leopold gets into trouble when Valkryie supporters within the ZPPD/ZPSD "arrest" him for gett...
Latest Chapters[Ch.30] [Ch.29] [Ch.28] Expected to update:Feb 08,2012
AuthorTomino Yoshiyuki Yatate Hajime Status:in series Genre(s)Mystery Mecha Sci-fi Shounen RegionJapanese

Anuki(Popularity:10 hits)

Anuki is a boy caught in a war between two countries. When he is small he is abandoned by his father so a princess could be saved. This event triggered amnesia so he doesn't remember his childhood before this event. When he grows up he joins a flight mercenary unit to be trained as a pilot so he can help in the war, there he becomes the ace pilot.
Latest Chapters[Ch.2] [Ch.1] [Ch.2] Expected to update:Nov 16,2001
AuthorLee Ji Gun Status:in series Genre(s)Action Adventure Seinen Drama RegionKorean

My Boy x My Love(Popularity:10 hits)

Title Story - After falling asleep in the snow Atsuki meets the fun and intelligent Kai who seems to be a bit sick. Darling Smoker - Asahi decides to give up on all guys that smoke because of her previous cheating boyfriend and meets respectable clean Itsuru the class president, but shock, he smokes!
Latest Chapters[Ch.4] [Ch.3] [Ch.2] Expected to update:Sep 29,2011
AuthorMizuto Aqua Status:in series Genre(s)Romance Tragedy Shoujo RegionJapanese

Famous Man(Popularity:10 hits)

The best way to express oneself... created by the humanity is...Dance! Yoo Myung-in, who never stood out, now goes on stage! Webtoon found here: http://cartoon.media.daum.net/webtoon/view/famousman
Latest Chapters[Ch.5] [Ch.4] [Ch.2] Expected to update:Jan 19,2015
AuthorYubi Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Blizzard Axel(Popularity:10 hits)

Kitazato Fubuki is always overlooked by his family members; overshadowed by his more talented and famous brothers. He tries to draw attention to himself and usually spends his days fighting, but one day he manages a quadruple and a half jump at the skating rink. Thanks to this remarkable feat, he is showered with attention for the first time in his life...
Latest Chapters[Ch.1.1] [Ch.1] Expected to update:Jun 20,2012
AuthorSuzuki Nakaba Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy Romance Shounen Sports RegionJapanese

Wolf's Rain(Popularity:10 hits)

From Viz: Humans thought the wolves died off two centuries ago in this bleak post-apocalyptic wasteland. But some survivors lurk among the humans by mentally cloaking their animal bodies. One white wolf, Kiba, scours the land for the scent of the Lunar Flower that will lead them all to Paradise...But will it lead them to a deadly false legend?
Latest Chapters[Ch.11] [Ch.11] [Ch.10] Expected to update:Aug 31,2012
AuthorNobumoto Keiko Bones Status:in series Genre(s)Adventure Fantasy Seinen Supernatural Drama Tragedy RegionJapanese

Steins;Gate - Heiji Kyokusen no Epigraph(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.1] [Ch.7] [Ch.6] Expected to update:Sep 03,2013
AuthorTakimoto Masashi Status:in series Genre(s)Drama RegionJapanese

Papa to Atashi no Versus na Nichijou(Popularity:10 hits)

The story of 12 year-old Sanada Ryou who moves in with her father, a popular television idol. Ryou's mother died 2 years ago, and the general public doesn't know about her existence, so she struggles to hide the fact that her father is famous, and he tries to hide his secret child from the media. Every day, Ryou and her father work to become closer, while fighting and arguing all the time.
Latest Chapters[Ch.0] Expected to update:Dec 24,2013
AuthorHaruse Saku Status:in series Genre(s)Drama RegionJapanese

The Reason I Love You(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.0] Expected to update:Dec 21,2013
AuthorAyuko Hatta Status:in series Genre(s)Romance RegionJapanese

Kikimimi Zukan(Popularity:10 hits)

A boy who can see music... A man rescues an instrument from a museum... And a boy hears the first rhythm... These stories and more are included in this collection of music-related one-shots from the mangaka of Oh, My Sweet Alien! and Why Not Be My Dog.
Latest Chapters[Ch.4] [Ch.3] [Ch.2] Expected to update:Feb 12,2014
AuthorMiyata Kouji Status:in series Genre(s)Seinen RegionJapanese

Joshi Kausei(Popularity:10 hits)

Following the daily life and adventures of Momoko-chan, an eccentric and carefree high-school girl.
Latest Chapters[Ch.8] [Ch.7] [Ch.6] Expected to update:Jan 19,2014
AuthorWakai Ken Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Fujishiro-san Kei(Popularity:10 hits)

Fujishiro-san lives by the motto "industrious, diligent, sincere, and punctual." But for some reason her eye is always drawn to the mysterious but good looking guy in her class, Kuze-kun. While he teases her, she falls in love?!
Latest Chapters[Ch.7] [Ch.6] [Ch.5] Expected to update:Dec 05,2013
AuthorYuki Nojin Status:in series Genre(s)Shoujo RegionJapanese

Hori-san to Miyamura-kun(Popularity:10 hits)

People say that the youthful days are always bittersweet, but maybe it's just bitter? Kyouko Hori is a flashy high school girl, who, despite her ostentatious appearance, excels in academics and has a family-loving character. Izumi Miyamura is a bland high school boy, who, despite not wanting to stand out in class, secretly wears piercings outside of school and has a large body tattoo. One day, Miy...
Latest Chapters[Ch.4] [Ch.3] [Ch.2] Expected to update:Dec 03,2013
AuthorHero Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese
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