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Apple-Cheek Love(Popularity:10 hits)

A mix of 3 one-shots [From ShoujoMagic]: Tamaki has a HUGE problem! She blushes at the drop of a hat, so everyone knows what she is thinking! She finally makes a decision to stop letting her fear of embarrassment control her -- she gets a job where her crush is working so that she can confess her feelings to him... but then things go awry in an unexpected way! Daisuke's always had a habit of ...
Latest Chapters[Ch.3] [Ch.2] [Ch.1] Expected to update:Sep 29,2011
AuthorUsami Maki Status:in series Genre(s)Drama Romance Shoujo RegionJapanese

Kanna(Popularity:10 hits)

Meet Sagaki-san. Your everyday rounin student, whose life got turned around after waking up with Kanna sleeping right beside him. How did this stuttering (and cute!) little girl get there? His problems did not stop there as his boss massacred the entire restaurant he works in. From Baka-Upates: Kagura is a professional slacker with nothing put a part-time job and cram school to keep him compan...
Latest Chapters[Ch.10] [Ch.9] [Ch.8] Expected to update:Sep 29,2011
AuthorKirishima Takeru Status:in series Genre(s)Action Comedy Supernatural Shounen RegionJapanese

Tsari to Yobareta Otoko(Popularity:10 hits)

Akira Kousaka was a lecturer for Tokyo Art University. Ever since he read about the Imperial Eggs, he wanted to visit Prussia to look at it with his own eyes. Finally with the winter break, he was able to go to Irina Art Museum in Prussia where the Imperial Eggs were displayed. Little did he knew that just by triggering the alarm system, his life would forever be changed with a single encounter. (...
Latest Chapters[Ch.1] Expected to update:Nov 23,2004
AuthorMinakami Rui Status:in series Genre(s)Yaoi RegionJapanese

Slop Mansion ni Okaeri(Popularity:10 hits)

From Ivyscan “It is said, there are other worlds than the one we live in… One of them is the fairy world.” My parents divorced when I was very young. I didn’t even remember what my father looked like. When I turned 14 years old, Mom finally let me go to Dad’s place. But what I found there wasn’t Dad, but a young man and a garden full of fairies, just like in Dad’s paintings…
Latest Chapters[Ch.5] [Ch.4] [Ch.3] Expected to update:Jan 17,2012
AuthorTakao Shigeru Status:in series Genre(s)Fantasy Shoujo RegionJapanese

Wild Pitch(Popularity:10 hits)

From Promfret: Sakuraba Kenji is an aspiring baseball player, however due to some circumstances he gave up on baseball, and moved to a new High School so that he is able to give up on it totally. On the day that he visit the new school he will be attending, he meets a girl, Mamiya Itsuka who mistakenly does something to him, causing him to faint. When he awakes, he realizes that the place he will...
Latest Chapters[Ch.11] [Ch.10] [Ch.9] Expected to update:Nov 10,2005
AuthorKaneda Mario Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy Seinen Ecchi Romance School Life Sports RegionJapanese

Mamotte Agemasu! (YAMATO Nase)(Popularity:10 hits)

Takao-kun is deeply obsessed with his older brother - a clumsy but nice teacher. His brother suddenly has some serious problems because of one student. Takao decides to become friends with this rich and annoying boy to help out his brother. Will he succeed? Who is the mysterious brother-stalker?!
Latest Chapters[Ch.1] Expected to update:Sep 29,2011
AuthorYamato Nase Status:in series Genre(s)Yaoi RegionJapanese

Yunatama(Popularity:10 hits)

A yaoi little mermaid! French Orion washes up on the shore of a small Japanese island with no memories of himself, other than his name. He's taken in by pretty teenager Tooya, and isn't in a hurry to leave. But how did he end up on the island in the first place?
Latest Chapters[Ch.0] Expected to update:Sep 29,2011
AuthorWatanabe Asia Status:in series Genre(s)Mature One Shot Yaoi RegionJapanese

Wild Wing(Popularity:10 hits)

Miyabi literally lives in an ivory tower. Protected and watched over by servants all her life, she dreams of what's beyond the wall that surrounds and protects the city she lives in. One day, Miyabi finds herself on the other side of the wall. Will she find the monsters everyone speaks of? Or will she find something else...?
Latest Chapters[Ch.2] [Ch.1] Expected to update:Dec 22,2013
AuthorYumi Kiiro Status:in series Genre(s)Action RegionJapanese

Citrus (Saburouta)(Popularity:10 hits)

From Yuri Project: Fashionable Yuzu imagined the first day at her new school she transferred to after her mothera€™s remarriage a bit differently; she didna€™t know ita€™d be an ultra-strict and conservative girlsa€™ school. So instead of a sweet high-school romance, she butts heads with the stern student council president Mei a€“ who turns out ...
Latest Chapters[Ch.8] [Ch.7] Expected to update:Feb 01,2014
AuthorSaburouta Status:in series Genre(s)Drama RegionJapanese

Kare Kano Hajimemashita(Popularity:10 hits)

Hanamori has had a crush on Ryoutarou for ages and is over the moon when he asks her to be his girlfriend. It's the first few days of a first love...
Latest Chapters[Ch.1] [Ch.0] Expected to update:Jul 14,2013
AuthorMomoi Sumire Status:in series Genre(s)One Shot RegionJapanese

Nan Chan Qiao Gu Niang(Popularity:10 hits)

An eccentric, crafty beauty and a cold, lonely, arrogant, graceful young man seem to be destined. However, as their unexpected meeting unfolds, watch as their sweet romance begins!
Latest Chapters[Ch.4] [Ch.3] [Ch.2] Expected to update:Jan 02,2014
AuthorLin Qing Hui Status:in series Genre(s)Historical RegionJapanese

Shijin wa Ichinichi ni Shite Narazu(Popularity:10 hits)

A young man comes to Tokyo to become a poet (he actually composes a lot through the book!). But one can not support himself with poetry, so the hero works for a half-legal firm running all possible errands. In the process he meets a lot of people, both men and women, who are strangely interested not in his rhymes, but in his ...body! Absolutely lovely tragicomedy. ~by DaRyu Aida Rendou, ex-stu...
Latest Chapters[Ch.6] [Ch.5] [Ch.4] Expected to update:Apr 16,2013
AuthorTakaguchi Satosumi Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Ou to Hiyaku(Popularity:10 hits)

Collection of One Shots: Chapter 1-2: Music of the Blue Sky (side story) ~ Pgs. 10-43 Chapter 3: Visit In The Snow ~ Pgs. 44-51 Chapter 4: Yamabuki's Tulip ~ Pgs. 52-59 Chapter 4: Raider ~Black~ (Pgs. 8-31) Chapter 5: Raider ~Red~ (Pgs. 32-87) Continuation to "Raider ~Black~" Chapter 6:Wind Chime ~ Pgs. 59-66 Chapter 7-8: The King and The Potion ~ Pgs. 67-115 On Em...
Latest Chapters[Ch.9] [Ch.8] [Ch.7] Expected to update:Apr 10,2013
AuthorHimawari Souya Status:in series Genre(s)Historical RegionJapanese

Netemo Sametemo(Popularity:10 hits)

From Fantasyshrine: SEQUEL OF "SWEET POISON ON OUR LIPS" The most popular idol duo singers, Yuu and Jin of the CROSS, are lovers. Then, how in the world would Yuu have love trouble with his co-star actor, Kenzaki!? Finally fed up, a very frustrated Jin confronted Kenzaki and found out… What? Loosely affiliated with SHINNYUU KINSHI NO KOI where Kenzai is the main character for his o...
Latest Chapters[Ch.3] [Ch.2] [Ch.1] Expected to update:Apr 10,2013
AuthorKoide Mieko Status:in series Genre(s)Yaoi RegionJapanese

Dokusenyoku(Popularity:10 hits)

From Blissful Sin: The story of the new high school teacher, Ichikura, and the younger brother of his ex-lover, Oda. Although an excellent student and member of the student council, Oda threatens Ichikura with the relationship between him and his elder brother. Is this the beginning of debauchery in the name of learning?
Latest Chapters[Ch.5.5] [Ch.5] [Ch.4] Expected to update:Mar 12,2013
AuthorHyuuga Seiryou Status:in series Genre(s)School Life RegionJapanese

Prism Spectrum(Popularity:10 hits)

From Attractive Fascinante: Oomura Yuu's first kiss was stolen by the beautiful Student Council president, Takamura Mitsuya. He later became his executive secretary and his duty was to do whatever the Takamura wanted. Both loved cats and were slowly drawn towards each other. As much as Yuu wanted to acknowledge his own feelings, he realised that he might not really knew about Takamura at all. I...
Latest Chapters[Ch.6] [Ch.5] [Ch.4] Expected to update:Mar 05,2013
AuthorKonjiki Runa Status:in series Genre(s)Romance RegionJapanese

Giant Robo(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.39] [Ch.38] [Ch.37] Expected to update:May 01,2013
AuthorYokoyama Mitsuteru Status:in series Genre(s)Action RegionJapanese

Runway o Produce!!(Popularity:10 hits)

From Evil Flowers: Yamato, a boy who lives in Shirakami Mountain Village, Aomori; loves festivals. He visits the Tokyo Girls Collection, attracted by its title as "The BIGGEST fashion festival in Japan”. Although he doesn't have a ticket, he manages to get inside. He encounters a fight between models, and successfully breaks it up. At that time, one person shows up and offers him an opport...
Latest Chapters[Ch.7] [Ch.6] [Ch.5] Expected to update:Feb 27,2013
AuthorArai Kiyoko Status:in series Genre(s)RegionJapanese

Umi no Yami, Tsuki no Kage(Popularity:10 hits)

Two twin sisters contracted a mysterious bacteria from a trip and suddenly gained enormous power. One psycho sister began trying to kill the other because they both loved the same man, while the other sister and her boyfriend began to flee as everyone else became innocent victims...
Latest Chapters[Ch.1] [Ch.9] [Ch.8] Expected to update:Feb 13,2014
AuthorShinohara Chie Status:in series Genre(s)RegionJapanese

Celestial Clothes(Popularity:10 hits)

After his mother's death, Miwatari Yuu returns from Tokyo to live with relatives in the city of his birth, Ousuku. Yuu is the latest of a line of Shinto priests that stretches back generations. After his arrival, he runs into a strange girl who seems to be searching for the Northern Lights. Yuu saw the Aurora as a child, though no one believed him, and his mother had told him it was the armor of t...
Latest Chapters[Ch.9] [Ch.8] [Ch.7] Expected to update:Aug 21,2013
AuthorShiono Etorouji Status:in series Genre(s)RegionJapanese

Chimoguri Ringo to Kingyobachi Otoko(Popularity:10 hits)

From MangaHelpers: A terrible creature has been plaguing the community: a man with a fishbowl for a head. When he attacks someone, the goldfish leaps out of his bowl and drinks their blood. The victim is irreversibly transformed into a goldfish! This terrible crime has happened to high-schooler Kousuke's little sister. With no other option, he takes care of his goldfish-sister as best he can. ...
Latest Chapters[Ch.12] [Ch.11] [Ch.10.5] Expected to update:Jan 09,2014
AuthorAbe Youichi Status:in series Genre(s)None RegionJapanese

Black Robinia(Popularity:10 hits)

Kisaragi Akira, a police officer investigating a murder case that reminds him of the past. The memory that he forced himself to forget. And the past that he buried in the deepest of his heart. The clock that was once stopped has started ticking again.
Latest Chapters[Ch.3] [Ch.2] [Ch.1] Expected to update:Aug 23,2012
AuthorBroccoli Status:in series Genre(s)Mystery Romance School Life Shounen Regionother

Rose Hip Zero(Popularity:10 hits)

Appearances can be deceiving. There is trouble in Tokyo as a mysterious terrorist organization called ALICE plots against the government. Just as the police are tasked to bring these men to justice, they are given a "secret weapon": a young girl with a mysterious past named Kasumi Asakura. She may look innocent, but she walks softly and carries a big gun. -Please read on Entropy's web...
Latest Chapters[Ch.0] [Ch.1] [Ch.0] Expected to update:Sep 07,2012
AuthorFujisawa Tohru Status:in series Genre(s)Action Adventure Comedy Psychological Sci-fi Shounen RegionJapanese

Yin Yang Road(Popularity:10 hits)

Collection of short horror stories.
Latest Chapters[Ch.2] [Ch.1] Expected to update:Sep 29,2011
AuthorMiqi Status:in series Genre(s)Horror Tragedy Slice Of Life RegionChinese
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