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Q (SHIHIRA Tatsuya) Comic Introduction

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Section Name Scanlator Posted by Updated
Q (SHIHIRA Tatsuya) Ch.018 时之沙 Feb 10,2019
Q (SHIHIRA Tatsuya) Ch.017 时之沙 Jul 24,2018
Q (SHIHIRA Tatsuya) Ch.016 时之沙 Mar 26,2018
Q (SHIHIRA Tatsuya) Ch.015:Decisive Battle! Q vs. U7 Fallen Syndicate 时之沙 Jun 16,2017
Q (SHIHIRA Tatsuya) Ch.014:Solaris Destruction Plan (2) Fallen Syndicate 时之沙 Jan 03,2017
Q (SHIHIRA Tatsuya) Ch.013:Solaris Destruction Plan (1) 时之沙 Nov 04,2016
Q (SHIHIRA Tatsuya) Ch.012:U7, Sortie! Fallen Syndicate 时之沙 Sep 22,2016
Q (SHIHIRA Tatsuya) Ch.011:An Alien All by Herself Fallen Syndicate 时之沙 Jun 24,2016
Q (SHIHIRA Tatsuya) Ch.010:This One Strike, Packed with Anger Fallen Syndicate 时之沙 Apr 13,2016
Q (SHIHIRA Tatsuya) Ch.009:The Targeted Man Fallen Syndicate 时之沙 Feb 04,2016
Q (SHIHIRA Tatsuya) Ch.008:Just What Is It That's Coming? Fallen Syndicate 时之沙 Jan 07,2016
Q (SHIHIRA Tatsuya) Ch.007:Break Through a Gateway! (Part 2) Fallen Syndicate 时之沙 Dec 07,2015
Q (SHIHIRA Tatsuya) Ch.006:Break Through a Gateway! Fallen Syndicate 时之沙 Nov 29,2015
Q (SHIHIRA Tatsuya) Ch.005:The Challenge of Year 20XX Fallen Syndicate 时之沙 Nov 23,2015
Q (SHIHIRA Tatsuya) Ch.004:The Man from U7 Substitute Scans 时之沙 Aug 01,2015
Q (SHIHIRA Tatsuya) Ch.003:Glory for Whose Sake Substitute Scans 时之沙 Jan 24,2015
Q (SHIHIRA Tatsuya) Ch.002 时之沙 Dec 26,2014
Q (SHIHIRA Tatsuya) Ch.001:Invaders 时之沙 Sep 04,2014

Q (SHIHIRA Tatsuya)

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