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Onizuka-chan and Sawarida-kun(Popularity:10 hits)update

Onizuka is an Oni and her childhood friend Sawarida is a human who likes to touch weird stuff. She might be in love with him, but he is too dense for love or is it the other way around?
Latest Chapters[Ch.015] [Ch.014] [Ch.013.1] Expected to update:Jan 17,2020
AuthorNAKAHARA Kaihei Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionJapanese Manga

Otona Najimi(Popularity:10 hits)update

For 24 years, there was nothing about love for these childhood friends, but something changes—?! Now they’re adults, the love-comedy that filled with heart-wringing things starts—!
Latest Chapters[Ch.003] [Ch.002] [Ch.001] Expected to update:Jan 17,2020
AuthorNAKAHARA Aya Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionJapanese Manga

Otome Danshi ni Koisuru Otome(Popularity:10 hits)update

A 30 episodes short comic by Shimazaki Mujirushi Mizuguchi Mayu, a girl who hates men, fell in love at first sight with a... "man-in-drag"!? Does she likes "girls"? Or does she likes "boys"? Find out in this heart throbbing pure love comedy!
Latest Chapters[Ch.544] [Ch.543] [Ch.542] Expected to update:Jan 17,2020
AuthorShimazaki Mujirushi Status:Ongoing Genre(s)shoujo RegionJapanese Manga

One Step Toward Freedom(Popularity:10 hits)update

Our Main Character was transported to another world and the first thing that happened thing to him was that he was forced into a marriage….
Latest Chapters[Ch.012] [Ch.011] [Ch.010] Expected to update:Jan 17,2020
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionChinese Manhua

Oversimplified SCP(Popularity:10 hits)update

The SCP Foundation is a fictional organization documented by the web-based collaborative fiction project of the same name. In universe, the SCP Foundation is responsible for locating and containing individuals, entities, locations, and objects that violate natural law (referred to as SCPs). This manga summarizes the reports of the SCPs currently under the Foundation.
Latest Chapters[Ch.109] [Ch.108] [Ch.107] Expected to update:Jan 16,2020
AuthorSCP Foundation writers Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionJapanese Manga

O Chikadzuki Ni Naritai Manga(Popularity:10 hits)update

Latest Chapters[Ch.011] [Ch.010] [Ch.009] Expected to update:Jan 16,2020
AuthorAkitaka Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionJapanese Manga

Ore dake Haireru Kakushi Dungeon: Kossori Kitaete Sekai Saikyou(Popularity:10 hits)update

Third son of a "beggar noble" Nore lost his job and was at a loss. But as he was contemplating whether to become an adventurer fortune struck. A Hidden Dungeon that no one knows how to get enter. A legendary place full of hidden things like extremely rare magical beasts, magic tools for gaining power and items that would be scarce all over the world. That's the kind of entrance that was opened....
Latest Chapters[Ch.030] [Ch.029.2] [Ch.029.1] Expected to update:Jan 16,2020
AuthorMeguru Seto Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionJapanese Manga

Otonari Complex(Popularity:10 hits)

Kuji Akira and Ninomiya Makoto have been neighbours and friends from childhood. Akira-kun is handsome and Makoto-chan is pretty but Akira's a girl and Makoto's a boy. Their feelings for each other are growing more complex just as they are finding themselves the focus of romantic interest of their friends and acquaintances
Latest Chapters[Ch.037] [Ch.036] [Ch.035] Expected to update:Jan 15,2020
AuthorNONOMURA Saku Status:Ongoing Genre(s)shoujo RegionJapanese Manga

Ore wa Lolicon ja nai!(Popularity:10 hits)new

Shouji Osamu is an elementary school teacher fresh out of college about to embark on his first day. At the school gate, he was suddenly hugged by Chise, a girl he doesn't recognize who seems to know him. He later finds out that Chise is a fifth-grade student in his class, and that she lives in the same apartment building as he does. During a late-night rendezvous, he learns that nothing about thei...
Latest Chapters[Ch.001] Expected to update:Jan 15,2020
AuthorURAN Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionJapanese Manga

Oni No You Na Rabucome(Popularity:10 hits)

Akashi, the strongest delinquent, is feared as the "red ogre." The one he falls in love with is...?
Latest Chapters[Ch.036] [Ch.035] [Ch.034] Expected to update:Jan 14,2020
AuthorIZUMI Katsuki Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionJapanese Manga

Oroka na Tenshi wa Akuma to Odoru(Popularity:10 hits)

Masatora Akutsu has just transferred into class in Japan from a long way away - all the way from Hell, to be exact. Akutsu is a demon who's come to Earth to find someone who can motivate the forces of Hell to fight back against the invading Heavenly army. He immediately sets his sights on one of his classmates, the kind and beautiful Lily Amane, but ends up in way over his head when it turns out L...
Latest Chapters[Ch.030] [Ch.029.5] [Ch.029] Expected to update:Jan 14,2020
AuthorAZUMA Sawayoshi Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Ou-sama ni Sasagu Kusuriyubi(Popularity:10 hits)

Ayaka who is working at bridal section in a hotel is a beauty with bad personality! and right in front of her comes the hotel owner, name Tougou but full of mockery with [Ousama] and out from no where they both getting "marry"..!? an unlikely wedding story finally has begun
Latest Chapters[Ch.036] [Ch.035] [Ch.034.5] Expected to update:Jan 14,2020
AuthorWATANABE Shiho Status:Ongoing Genre(s)josei RegionJapanese Manga

Orenchi ni kita Onna-kishi to Inakagurashi suru koto ni natta ken(Popularity:10 hits)

Saeki Kanji, 32 years old and still single, is living in the Japanese countryside, which is in decline. After graduating from university with a degree in economics he took a job as a salary man in a leading company in Tokyo, but retired when he inherited the family farm in Miyama village when his parents passed on. He soon took to the life of a simple farmer. One day a beautiful woman wearing f...
Latest Chapters[Ch.037] [Ch.036] [Ch.035] Expected to update:Jan 14,2020
AuthorSakuta [Add] Status:Ongoing Genre(s)shounen RegionJapanese Manga

Onepunch-Man(Popularity:10 hits)

Follows the life of an average hero who manages to win all battles with only one punch. This ability seems to frustrate him as he no longer feels the thrill and adrenaline of fighting a tough battle, which leads to him questioning his past desire of being strong.After all what's so good about having an overwhelming power?
Latest Chapters[Ch.125] [Ch.124] [Ch.123] Expected to update:Jan 13,2020
AuthorONE Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

One Million Gold(Popularity:10 hits)

Evangeline, a half-elf merchant, tries to earn her way to one million gold so that she can enter the Final City, a place where only the rich and powerful are allowed.
Latest Chapters[Ch.011] [Ch.010] [Ch.009] Expected to update:Jan 13,2020
AuthorReon Merryweatherey Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionEuropean Manga

Ookii Kouhai wa Suki Desu ka?(Popularity:10 hits)

A big junior is set on pampering her senior!? An uneven love comedy! ?
Latest Chapters[Ch.012] [Ch.005] [Ch.004.5] Expected to update:Jan 13,2020
AuthorTakuji Yusaku Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionJapanese Manga

Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare(Popularity:10 hits)

A Love story between a group of 4 people: Akari, Yuna, Kazuomi, and Rio who have contrasting love stances is starting...
Latest Chapters[Ch.037] [Ch.036] [Ch.035] Expected to update:Jan 11,2020
AuthorSAKISAKA Io Status:Ongoing Genre(s)shoujo RegionJapanese Manga

Overlord(Popularity:10 hits)

The story begins with Yggdrasil, a popular online game which is quietly shut down on its last day. Our protagonist Momonga decided to stay until the last moment in his beloved game and wait for the force logout. Unexpectedly, the server did not shut down and Momonga is stuck in his skeleton body and got transferred to another world. "The powerful Overlord" needs now to discover a new world and fac...
Latest Chapters[Ch.054] [Ch.053] [Ch.052] Expected to update:Jan 11,2020
AuthorMARUYAMA Kugane Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Onee-san wa Joshi Shougakusei ni Kyoumi ga arimasu.(Popularity:10 hits)

From the mangaka of Hshs Sasero!!, the comedic story about a high school teacher, who happens to be a lolicon, and the girl she babysits with her roommate!
Latest Chapters[Ch.013] [Ch.012] [Ch.011] Expected to update:Jan 09,2020
AuthorYUZUKI Ryouta Status:Ongoing Genre(s)shoujo ai RegionJapanese Manga

Oo-maji(Popularity:10 hits)

The always perfect, model student back then, and now an elite dentist, Souhei, couldn't be more opposite from his childhood friend, Jin, a troublemaker since they were kids, and now a construction worker by trade. But fate seems to keep throwing them together... As they dig into the painful past, their feelings for each other gradually surfaced...
Latest Chapters[Ch.003] [Ch.002] [Ch.001] Expected to update:Jan 09,2020
AuthorKANO Shiuko Status:Ongoing Genre(s)yaoi RegionJapanese Manga

Ojousama no Shimobe(Popularity:10 hits)

The story centers around a main character with a meddlesome personality whose father is a butler and whose mother is a maid, and who one day meets a rich young lady who cannot even change her own clothes, let alone know what do in the outside world. [ANN]
Latest Chapters[Ch.039] [Ch.038] [Ch.037] Expected to update:Jan 09,2020
AuthorTAGUCHI Hoshino Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionJapanese Manga

Orc ga Okashite Kurenai!(Popularity:10 hits)

A story about a noble female knight and her attempts to lose her virginity to her husband.
Latest Chapters[Ch.031] [Ch.030] [Ch.029] Expected to update:Jan 08,2020
AuthorKAWANAKA Yasushi Status:Ongoing Genre(s)shounen RegionJapanese Manga

Onna Shunin - Kishi Mieko(Popularity:10 hits)

The adventures of Kishi Mieko, a woman office worker, trying to succeed in a competitive, unforgiving and lewd work place in Japan. She will use all her 'assets' to succeed in her projects!
Latest Chapters[Ch.012] [Ch.011] [Ch.010] Expected to update:Jan 08,2020
AuthorXiaowoo Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionJapanese Manga

Oboreru Knife(Popularity:10 hits)

A beautiful and mature sixth grade girl from Tokyo suddenly has to move out to the country side of Japan with her family. The girl, Natsume, then meets a boy and from then on she begins to feel 'something' in her body, like a surging wave....
Latest Chapters[Vol.044] [Vol.042] [Vol.040] Expected to update:Jan 07,2020
AuthorGEORGE Asakura Status:Ongoing Genre(s)shoujo RegionJapanese Manga
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