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Katakoi no Nikki Shoujo(Popularity:10 hits)

Collection of 6 short stories: 1- Musume no Toshigoro no Musume 2- Torikahebaya de Aimashou 3- Genshoku Megane Danshi Hyouhon 4- Machibito Kitari 5- Chichi to Musuko to Buridaikon 6- Katakoi no Nikki Shoujo Takashi accidentally found his father's diary and in it, it tells a story of his father's love for a girl with green flower hair pin. So who is this girl? What's Takashi going to do ab...
Latest Chapters[Ch.6] [Ch.1] Expected to update:Dec 09,2013
AuthorNakamura Asumiko Status:in series Genre(s)Drama RegionJapanese

Yoake ni Furu,(Popularity:10 hits)

This story takes place a few years after Hoshino and Sudou have settled down together. Sudou's son Shouta is in high school now and so is his former classmate Daiki from elementary school. How has their relationship changed?
Latest Chapters[Ch.1.5] [Ch.1] Expected to update:Dec 09,2013
AuthorHayakawa Nojiko Status:in series Genre(s)School Life RegionJapanese

Marin to Yuurei(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.3] [Ch.2] [Ch.1] Expected to update:Feb 12,2014
AuthorSatonaka Mika Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Gosick W(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.1] Expected to update:Dec 07,2013
AuthorSakuraba Kazuki Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Dance in the Vampire Bund - Sledge Hammer no Tsuioku(Popularity:10 hits)

Dance in the Vampire Bund: The Memories of Sledge Hammer is a two-volume interlude between Dance in the Vampire Bund’s first fourteen volume story arc and the upcoming second part of the series, which will launch in 2014. The Memories of Sledge Hammer delves into the past to look at the doomed love affair of one of the Vampire Bund’s most deadly operatives. Three months have passed since Prince...
Latest Chapters[Ch.8] [Ch.7] [Ch.6] Expected to update:Feb 06,2014
AuthorTamaki Nozomu Status:in series Genre(s)Action RegionJapanese

Kami-sama no Iutoori (MOEGI Yuu)(Popularity:10 hits)

Ever since his mother passed away, Hinata has been taken care of by Midori, who is as strict as he is caring. Midori’s smart, and tall, and handsome. He also doesn’t have a shadow or a reflection in the mirror. Wait… What? Hinata’s a scaredy-cat, and thinks Midori might be a ghost. But he is in fact a…?
Latest Chapters[Ch.2] [Ch.1] Expected to update:Jan 22,2014
AuthorMoegi Yuu Status:in series Genre(s)Fantasy RegionJapanese

Lessa the Crimson Knight(Popularity:10 hits)

A year has past since the Demans took over the island. The humans await a savior. A tale of a crimson knight that appears before them.
Latest Chapters[Ch.41] [Ch.33] [Ch.1] Expected to update:Mar 16,2015
AuthorPogo Status:in series Genre(s)Action RegionJapanese

Hatsukoi wa Marude Yaiba no You ni(Popularity:10 hits)

From : TCmanga Satomi was told to marry her brother-in-law, Hongdae. Even since the passing of her Sister, Kyoko, Satomi's dad is worrying for not able to find a successor to Asahina Private hospital. In the eye's of Satomi's dad, Hongdae is his best candidate to take over his leadership. In order to prevent protest from the board, he wanted Satomi to take Sister's place - to become his wife so...
Latest Chapters[Ch.3] [Ch.2] Expected to update:Dec 06,2013
AuthorWatanabe Shiho Status:in series Genre(s)Drama RegionJapanese

Anata no Tame nara doko Made mo(Popularity:10 hits)

Detective Takachiho had finally caught the elusive criminal Nanami Yoichi after chasing him all the way to a remote island. But what will happen to the pair of them when they accidentally miss the ferry home?
Latest Chapters[Ch.4] [Ch.3] [Ch.2] Expected to update:Dec 06,2013
AuthorNakamura Asumiko Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Kumamiko - Girl Meets Bear(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.7] [Ch.6] [Ch.5] Expected to update:Dec 19,2013
AuthorYoshimoto Masume Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Gigantomakhia(Popularity:10 hits)

A six chapter mini-series by Miura Kentarou set 100 million years in the future, it's about an epic war between the forces led by Zeus and the nether forces led by the giant Alcyoneus.
Latest Chapters[Ch.2] [Ch.1] [Ch.6] Expected to update:Feb 16,2014
AuthorMiura Kentaro Status:in series Genre(s)Fantasy RegionJapanese

Fantasma(Popularity:10 hits)

From MangaHelpers: After the assassination of the powerful Godfather, Don Pazolini, the world has been thrown into chaos. Many Mafia try to fill the power vacuum, but there is a rumour that Don Pazolini's son is hidden away somewhere. That son is Nero, an orphan who is raised in a bar with showgirls as his friends. He dreams of one day finding his parents, but he doesn't know who they are. One ...
Latest Chapters[Ch.1] Expected to update:Dec 05,2013
AuthorKaku Yuuji Status:in series Genre(s)Action RegionJapanese

Citrus (Saburouta)(Popularity:10 hits)

From Yuri Project: Fashionable Yuzu imagined the first day at her new school she transferred to after her mothera€™s remarriage a bit differently; she didna€™t know ita€™d be an ultra-strict and conservative girlsa€™ school. So instead of a sweet high-school romance, she butts heads with the stern student council president Mei a€“ who turns out ...
Latest Chapters[Ch.8] [Ch.7] Expected to update:Feb 01,2014
AuthorSaburouta Status:in series Genre(s)Drama RegionJapanese

Ikoku no Doctor(Popularity:10 hits)

Passion drives successful Italian neurosurgeon Carlo Rossi in work and in play. Desire ignites him when he sets eyes on Danielle Blake; he wants her. Heat suffuses Danielle when Carlo makes love to her, awakening her senses for the first time. Carlo insists on his rules: no commitment, no future, just a brief affair. But when Danielle must leave Italy, can he let her go?
Latest Chapters[Ch.1] Expected to update:Dec 05,2013
AuthorCatherine Spencer Status:in series Genre(s)Josei RegionJapanese

Sneewitchen - Geschichten nach Grimm(Popularity:10 hits)

Morohoshi Daijirou's take on the Grimm Fairy Tales. Some are relatively straight adaptations while others have a sci-fi, horror, comedy, or mystery-twist.
Latest Chapters[Ch.12] [Ch.11] [Ch.10] Expected to update:Jan 07,2014
AuthorMorohoshi Daijirou Status:in series Genre(s)Fantasy RegionJapanese

Time Machine wa Uso o Tsuku(Popularity:10 hits)

Mizutani likes Kikuhara, but she isn't able to tell him how she feels. As she wishes for her to be able to go back in time to start over, she. one day, finds a phone that coincidentally belongs to Kikuhara. The phone recieves a message and says: To the person who picked it up, please send me a reply using the address or number below. Mizutani sees this opportunity to start over with him and decide...
Latest Chapters[Ch.0] Expected to update:Dec 04,2013
AuthorMakita Nao Status:in series Genre(s)Romance RegionJapanese

NightS(Popularity:10 hits)

A yakuza comes to request the services of an specialized transporter that takes care of delicate and illegal merchandise. It seems this transporter is quite picky about his clients, stating that he doesn't belong to any group; you can't trust yakuza. However he gets interested in this transaction and in the mysterious man that is negotiating it. What sort of hidden encounters will bring the nights...
Latest Chapters[Ch.5] [Ch.4.5] [Ch.4] Expected to update:Dec 03,2013
AuthorYoneda Kou Status:in series Genre(s)Yaoi RegionJapanese

Mob Psycho 100(Popularity:10 hits)

From MangaHelpers: Kageyama Shigeo (a.k.a. "Mob") is a 8th grader with psychic abilities. He could bend spoons and lift objects with his mind from a young age, but he slowly began to withhold from using his abilities in public due to the negative attention he kept receiving. Now, the only thing he wants is to become friends with a girl in his class, Tsubomi. With his psychic "men...
Latest Chapters[Ch.45] [Ch.24] [Ch.23] Expected to update:Feb 25,2014
AuthorOne Status:in series Genre(s)Action RegionJapanese

Kuro Kishi Monogatari(Popularity:10 hits)

Action manga about the German 8th tank company on the Eastern Front of WW2 during the fall of 1943.
Latest Chapters[Ch.2] [Ch.1] [Ch.8] Expected to update:Dec 30,2013
AuthorKobayashi Motofumi Status:in series Genre(s)Action RegionJapanese

Roe(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.0] Expected to update:Dec 03,2013
AuthorTono Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Hundred(Popularity:10 hits)

<<Hundred>> --- that is the only weapon that can oppose the mysterious life form <<Savage>> visiting the earth. The protagonist, Kirasagi Hayato, aims to become a <<Martial Arts Master>> using this Hundred. He managed to get into the battleship university <<Little Garden>>. However --- "I wanted to see you, Hayato!!!" "H-How do ...
Latest Chapters[Ch.3] [Ch.2] [Ch.1] Expected to update:Feb 17,2014
AuthorMisaki Jun Status:in series Genre(s)Action RegionJapanese

Sen to Man(Popularity:10 hits)

From MangaHelpers: 6th grader Shima lives with her middle-aged father, Chihiro. Shima is constantly either annoyed by what her father says, while Chihiro tries to figure out the fickle nature of a young girl. Even though there are many cases where they disagree with each other, in the end, they find each other to be tolerable. [DrCoke]
Latest Chapters[Ch.6] [Ch.5] [Ch.4] Expected to update:Feb 17,2014
AuthorSekiya Asami Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Twin Cross(Popularity:10 hits)

Once upon a time when gods' world is so close to the Earth. There are four god families symbolize East - West - South - North called Seiryuu, Byakko, Suzaku and Genbu. Kira is original god of Kouryuu - the central god family which is the most powerful. Someday, while travelling with his brother, Kira met with an accident which made him lose power and felt to the Earth. Later, while looking for the...
Latest Chapters[Ch.1] Expected to update:Dec 03,2013
AuthorHazuki Shinobu Status:in series Genre(s)Action RegionJapanese

Transient Flower(Popularity:10 hits)

The aftermath of an "ugly duckling" that turns into a "black swan".
Latest Chapters[Ch.1] [Ch.0] Expected to update:Dec 02,2013
AuthorHarumi Chihiro Status:in series Genre(s)Drama RegionJapanese
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