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Koisuru Futari no Taion(Popularity:10 hits)

From Yaoi Is Life: Not a day passed without a man for, the handsome designer, Kanbe. His absolute requirement in choosing a guy is their scent. He's gone out with countless guys already, but has yet to find the one... Wait, there he is! Takahashi-kun, a delivery man, stole his heart and his nose, and Kanbe made a move on him right away. Takahashi-kun is like a puppy wagging his tail at Kanbe wi...
Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Feb 02,2015
AuthorYamada Papiko Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Haru ni Furu Yuki(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Feb 02,2015
AuthorHatishiro Itou Hachi Status:in series Genre(s)Drama RegionJapanese

Kill er(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.2] [Ch.1] [Ch.1] Expected to update:Mar 16,2015
AuthorYu Er Status:in series Genre(s)Action RegionJapanese

Yuusha ga Shinda!(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Feb 02,2015
AuthorSubaruichi Status:in series Genre(s)Action RegionJapanese

Selector Infected WIXOSS - Re/verse(Popularity:10 hits)

From the Selector Infected WIXOSS Wikia: This story revolves around two pairs of Selectors and their LRIGs: Yuragi and Alfou as well as Mako and Haiti. From Wikipedia (the anime's story and general background for the two manga): WIXOSS (short for "Wish Across") is a popular trading card game in which players battle against each other with fighters known as LRIGs (girl spelled ba...
Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Feb 01,2015
AuthorLrig Okada Mari Status:in series Genre(s)Fantasy RegionJapanese

My Honey Express(Popularity:10 hits)

After Umashika Distribution's skilled salesman Aikawa Mitsuru, confessed to his truck driver kouhai, Takahashi Youji, it was supposed to be the strat of their bright love life. However, with the sudden transfer notice, what will aikawa do?! With pure determination and sake of love, somthing will be done for their happy and romance filled love life!
Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Feb 01,2015
AuthorNekono Mariko Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Fancy Bed(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Feb 01,2015
AuthorKirimi Yuya Status:in series Genre(s)Yaoi RegionJapanese

Fetish(Popularity:10 hits)

From Storm in Heaven: A collection of short stories. Chapter 1: For a long while now, I've been prone to losing things. It's the things most important to me that I lose, and it's always after I lose them that I realize it. And then, they're suddenly returned to me. Story 2: Love Letter A woman has just been discharged from hospital due to her successful eye surgery. As she steps out into t...
Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Feb 01,2015
AuthorFujiwara Kaoru Status:in series Genre(s)Drama RegionJapanese

Black Cat (LovE_Hei Mao)(Popularity:10 hits)

Tian Jiang is a member of the black cat clan. However she is an illegitimate princess, making her the weakest of the clan which in return gives her a lot of hardships. Her husband, Hey Ye, isn't making her life easier either. However she vows that one day she will become strong and everyone will have to acknowledge her existence.
Latest Chapters[Ch.8] [Ch.7.5] [Ch.7] Expected to update:Feb 24,2015
AuthorLove_hei Mao Status:in series Genre(s)Action RegionJapanese

Hatsukoi Monster(Popularity:10 hits)

From Yen Press: When fifteen-year-old Kaho Nikaidou leaves her sheltered home to start life anew in a Tokyo high school dormitory, the last thing she expects is to nearly get hit by a truck! Saved in the nick of time by a handsome stranger, Kaho falls head over heels for him and, after finally tracking him down, boldly confesses her feelings. Turns out Kaho’s mystery savior, Kanade, is the son ...
Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Jan 31,2015
AuthorHiyoshimaru Akira Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Hand Command(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.2] [Ch.1] [Ch.3] Expected to update:Feb 15,2015
AuthorAhmadmanga Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Ii Orc no Hi(Popularity:10 hits)

A friendly, deadpan orc meets a horny, adorable elf. Hilarity ensues.
Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Jan 31,2015
AuthorJin (mugenjin) Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? dj - Gochuumon wa Chiya Sharo Desu ka?(Popularity:10 hits)

Pairing: Chiya x Sharo
Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Jan 31,2015
AuthorPeach Candy Yukie Status:in series Genre(s)Doujinshi RegionJapanese

Tokiwa Kitareri!!(Popularity:10 hits)

From MangaHelpers: Yasaka Tokiwa lives in an unusual time, and according to his dreams, it's about to become even stranger. He's been having a dream of a woman called Ri'in ever since the robot, who he calls Makina, came to his home. He and Makina attend the same school, where their other classmates include a secret ninja (Kusanagi Kanata) and a sorcerer (Yata Haruka). When Tokiwa, the robot, t...
Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Jan 31,2015
AuthorMatsuena Syun Status:in series Genre(s)Shounen RegionJapanese

Difu Daili Ren(Popularity:10 hits)

Ghosts want to be reincarnated, but in order to do so, they’ll have to rebel against Hell’s rules… Upsetting the balance of Yin and Yang, ghosts begin to band together and form groups, in an attempt to return to the realm of the living. The leaders of Hell must find these ghosts and return them to the realm they belong to, but there’s a problem… There aren’t enough people for the job! So now, w...
Latest Chapters[Ch.20] [Ch.19] [Ch.18] Expected to update:Mar 14,2015
AuthorFisher Kid Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

The Japonica Ninja-Technique Guidebook(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Jan 31,2015
AuthorSabai Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Tropical Ririon(Popularity:10 hits)

From Hot Cakes: A tale of two girls torn between following the laws of their tribe or their hearts…
Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Jan 31,2015
AuthorImura Ei Status:in series Genre(s)One Shot RegionJapanese

Cluster Fudge(Popularity:10 hits)

Cluster Fudge is a comic collection of whatever fudge happens to cluster in creator John McNamee's mind on a particular day. Common topic for Cluster Fudge include robots, wizards, Kierkegaardian existentialism, and robotic wizards. Warning: For external use only.
Latest Chapters[Ch.31] [Ch.28] [Ch.27] Expected to update:Mar 19,2015
AuthorJohn Mcnamee Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Epic V(Popularity:10 hits)

Epic V is a series about three friends, their snake, and epic V-necks. Sometimes our friends can be obnoxious, embarrassing, or nosy, but we accept them for who they are. Celebrate the awkward times of boyish friendship with Epic V!
Latest Chapters[Ch.27] [Ch.26] [Ch.25] Expected to update:Mar 04,2015
AuthorArdtron Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Tenshi to Akuto!!(Popularity:10 hits)

"Standing above all and controlling the masses. That is the way of life I aspire to!" Ikurumi Akuto is the top of his class in every subject, including sports, and he knows it. The son of a well-known politician, a degree of arrogance is to be expected. But Akuto takes it to a new extreme with his condescending and self-important attitude. The friends he may have had in his elementary...
Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Jan 30,2015
AuthorHirakawa Aya Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Mori Xingguang(Popularity:10 hits)

Aliens? Magicians? What does this mean for a world where espers are fundamental to the pillars of society?
Latest Chapters[Ch.14] [Ch.13] [Ch.12] Expected to update:Mar 18,2015
AuthorMystery44 Status:in series Genre(s)Action RegionJapanese

Demon Constructor(Popularity:10 hits)

The story follows an unfortunate High School student, who one day meets an old man ribbed by delinquents. The man asked the student what he desires as a favor for having helped him, but he didn’t believe the man and left. However, when he fell asleep at night, he wised he were stronger in order to take revenge from the delinquents. When he wake up in the morning, he saw his body changed and a demo...
Latest Chapters[Ch.1] Expected to update:Jan 29,2015
AuthorGiorgos Chatzellis Status:in series Genre(s)School Life RegionJapanese

Nisekoi Doumei.(Popularity:10 hits)

Asana is broken-hearted ,after being rejected, a kind Matsumoto approaches and listens to her. She falls in love with him and they start dating. One day however Asana and her fellow classmate Aizawa catch their lovers having an affair together behind their backs so they both decide to get revenge- by also having an affair with each other?!
Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Jan 29,2015
AuthorSakaki Aoi Status:in series Genre(s)Romance RegionJapanese

Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta?(Popularity:10 hits)

Our naive protagonist proposed to a female character in an online game, only to find out that this player is actually a guy. Traumatized by that, he decided to never trust a girl online, but now, two years later, a female player is proposing to him. What will happen?
Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Jan 29,2015
AuthorKineko Shibai Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese
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