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Ashita kara wa Mou Nomimasen(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Feb 04,2015
AuthorUnknown Status:in series Genre(s)One Shot RegionJapanese

Seiki No Raito Oria(Popularity:10 hits)

Collona Merri is a remote country whereby experiencing a strange phenomena that seldom occur in other countries, ''The Light Sparks''. Due to the phenomena, one group of its citizens obtains a mysterious power that is unknown. However, the country was in peace and harmony for 89 years until the strike of an unexpected war. Leighton, which was only 12 years old at that time was selling fruits in th...
Latest Chapters[Ch.1] Expected to update:Feb 04,2015
AuthorKaraida Asraf94 Status:in series Genre(s)Action RegionJapanese

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! dj - Sensei Oshiete Ageru(Popularity:10 hits)

Pairing: Hibari x Tsuna x Mukuro
Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Feb 03,2015
AuthorAraaragumi Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Zang Hun Men(Popularity:10 hits)

In the 17th year of the glorious republic, Sun Dianying dug underneath the coffin of Empress Dowager Cixi in the Eastern Qing tombs to find a hidden stone door below, which was guarded by a monster who feasts on the flesh of humans. It is said that by feeding it, you would be allowed access to the stone door and possibly immortality. Our hero embarks on a journey to find the Soul Burial Door, unco...
Latest Chapters[Ch.19] [Ch.18] [Ch.17] Expected to update:Mar 20,2015
AuthorTwo Fang Tu Status:in series Genre(s)Action RegionJapanese

Craft Girl(Popularity:10 hits)

Normal high school girl Yuri is always with her best friend Kanna, a caring girl, with a strong sense of justice... and an excessive love for tools that can cause problems at times.
Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Feb 03,2015
AuthorWatanabe Popo Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Werewolf (YU Yan Shu)(Popularity:10 hits)

Jenna, a policewoman, has lost her memory and cannot remember how she got her ring. A man, Ben, is an investigator of a case that seems to be committed by a werewolf. Although Jenna thinks werewolves do not exist, but Ben thinks otherwise...
Latest Chapters[Ch.1] [Ch.0] Expected to update:Feb 03,2015
AuthorYu Yan Shu Status:in series Genre(s)Action RegionJapanese

Prince of Prince(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.0] Expected to update:Feb 03,2015
AuthorJe-ah [add] Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Salon Diana(Popularity:10 hits)

From Senpai Scans: "Girls who like to lie, come to my salon." Arisue Rio firmly believes in the principle that "the outside is the most important." When she says that to male nail technician Nojima Yoshitsuki, he puts a specially made, cursed gem on her nails and told her: If you kiss a boy you don't like, then time will rewind. Rio didn't believe it but after being confess...
Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Feb 03,2015
AuthorNishio Mako Status:in series Genre(s)Shoujo RegionJapanese

After Dead(Popularity:10 hits)

Everyone dies. That is an indisputable fact. Until no one did Then everything went to Hell. - Fredrik Nem (1 A.D.) After the Disaster of the Undying, death is now commercialized, with hefty ransoms attached to allow loved ones to pass on. The alternative? Monstrous spirits that wreak havoc on the living. In a world where Reapers serve as assassins and government agents of the natural ord...
Latest Chapters[Ch.3] [Ch.2] [Ch.1] Expected to update:Feb 19,2015
AuthorDark Merchant Status:in series Genre(s)Fantasy RegionJapanese

Katakoi(Popularity:10 hits)

Nimi's time stops as she struggles to confess to her childhood friend Taku. But what caused Nimi's time to stop, and will she ever leave this cozy existence?
Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Feb 02,2015
AuthorNanri Jun Status:in series Genre(s)Drama RegionJapanese

Fetish (HINO Garasu)(Popularity:10 hits)

"I've been watching you from my seat at the back of the classroom. I really want to touch your hair no matter what-!" Tsukasa has been imagining of violating his classmate, Kaoru, on his head so many times secretly but will his dark desire escalate...?
Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Feb 02,2015
AuthorHino Garasu Status:in series Genre(s)Drama RegionJapanese

Canis(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Feb 02,2015
AuthorZakk Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Fukigenna Majou to Uchikina Kemono(Popularity:10 hits)

Introvert Subaru is assistant to an eccentric witch in school. After drinking a beast potion, he suddenly changes in personality and becomes more assertive to the person he likes.
Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Feb 02,2015
AuthorUnohana Nagi Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Tiger & Bunny dj - Otoko Kaburagi T. Kotetsu no Suukounaru Takurami(Popularity:10 hits)

Pairings: Barnaby x Kotetsu, Nathan x Antonio
Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Feb 02,2015
AuthorChikottsu Daisy Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Kantai Collection -KanColle- Kongou desu ga, Chinjufu no Kuuki ga Burning Love desu! (Doujinshi)(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Feb 02,2015
AuthorRrr (circle) & Rioshi & Zashiki Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Kantai Collection -KanColle- Kongou 4 Shimai Youshouki so (Doujinshi)(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.8.3] [Ch.8.2] [Ch.2] Expected to update:Feb 02,2015
AuthorPonjiyuusu Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Kantai Collection -KanColle- Anthology Comic Yokosuka Guardian Office Edition(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Feb 02,2015
AuthorNiwatori & Bakutendo & Momoi Ryota & Aoi Manabu & Kyoda Shushi Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Kantai Collection -KanColle- Kokuritsu Kantai Youchien (Doujinshi)(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Feb 02,2015
AuthorKoruri-ya (circle) & & Koruri Status:in series Genre(s)Doujinshi RegionJapanese

Kantai Collection -KanColle- Secretary Fleet Girl Nagatsuki-chan (Doujinshi)(Popularity:10 hits)

A daily life of Nagatsuki as secretary ship. each chapter is short, page count also vary.
Latest Chapters[Ch.30] [Ch.29] [Ch.28] Expected to update:Feb 22,2015
AuthorIchimi Status:in series Genre(s)Doujinshi RegionJapanese

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?(Popularity:10 hits)

Lost in a new town, Cocoa stumbles upon the Rabbit House cafe as she searches for the place she'll be staying. Hoping for rabbits, she enters what she'll soon discover is her new home. GochiUsa follows Cocoa's adventures working for Rabbit House as she meets her new friends: the quiet Chino, the soldierly Rize, the quirky Chiya, the ladylike Syaro, and even a mysterious talking rabbit, Tippy.
Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Feb 02,2015
AuthorKoi Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese

Hoshi o Ou Kodomo(Popularity:10 hits)

The story centers on Asuna, a girl who spends her solitary days listening to the mysterious music emanating from the crystal radio she received from her father as a memento. However, she embarks on a journey of adventure to meet a boy again, and thus comes to know the cruelty and beauty of the world, as well as loss.
Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Feb 02,2015
AuthorShinkai Makoto Status:in series Genre(s)Adventure RegionJapanese

Tsukiyo no Toratsugumi(Popularity:10 hits)

A collection of short stories. Chapter 1: Witch of the Flower Forest The quiet old lady who lives alone has long being rumoured to be an evil witch. Two siblings are determined to discover the truth, and decide to visit her little cottage in the middle of the woods... Chapter 5: 'Faraway Phan Thiet'- A boy finds out his crush is going back to Phan Thiet in Vietnam and asks his teacher about...
Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Feb 02,2015
AuthorKasai Sui Status:in series Genre(s)Fantasy RegionJapanese

Warudakumi ni mo Hana wa Furu(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Feb 02,2015
AuthorAmagakure Gido Status:in series Genre(s)Yaoi RegionJapanese

Ai ga Love Shite You nanosa(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Feb 02,2015
AuthorJaryuu Dokuro Status:in series Genre(s)Comedy RegionJapanese
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