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Papa Wolf and the Puppy(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.011] [Ch.010] [Ch.009] Expected to update:Mar 30,2020
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionOther Manga

Parallel World Pharmacy (Novel)(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.027.2] Expected to update:Mar 29,2020
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionOther Manga

PriPara dj - Otomidachi Toshite, Daisuki nachu.(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.001] Expected to update:Mar 21,2020
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionOther Manga

Playing Opposite You(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.075] [Ch.074] [Ch.073] Expected to update:Mar 29,2020
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionOther Manga

Prefectural Circle of Friends(Popularity:10 hits)

Zheng Qian, an ordinary college student, accidentally found a second-hand copycat phone. When he opened the phone and found that WeChat could connect with the local government circle of friends, he felt that the world was exceptionally beautiful.
Latest Chapters[Ch.011] [Ch.010] [Ch.009] Expected to update:Apr 02,2020
AuthoriCiyuan animation amp; Heroult cat Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionChinese Manhua

Popsicles of Memory(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.003] [Ch.002] [Ch.001] Expected to update:Mar 09,2020
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionOther Manga

Pupillary Master(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.040.5] [Ch.040] [Ch.037.3] Expected to update:Apr 02,2020
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionOther Manga

Parasitic Girl(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.068] [Ch.067] [Ch.066] Expected to update:Mar 27,2020
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionOther Manga

Pian Pian(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.013] [Ch.012] [Ch.011] Expected to update:Mar 05,2020
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionOther Manga

Poisoning the World(Popularity:10 hits)update

Latest Chapters[Ch.051] [Ch.050] [Ch.046] Expected to update:Apr 04,2020
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionOther Manga

Picture of Tears(Popularity:10 hits)

Koeda and Riko have been best friends since childhood. But as they grow up, Koeda notices more and more the differences between them, and starts to have doubt about whether their friendship is going to last...
Latest Chapters[Ch.004] [Ch.002] [Ch.001] Expected to update:Mar 24,2020
AuthorTatami Yuka Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionJapanese Manga

Past Life Regressor(Popularity:10 hits)update

[Would you like to reverse time?] [All stats will be reset] [Please pick a date.] "February 28th, 1985. The day I was born." Wealth, I will seize all the money in the world. Monopoly, I will seize all the dungeons in the world. At this time, while the world is still peaceful.
Latest Chapters[Ch.020] [Ch.019] [Ch.018] Expected to update:Apr 03,2020
Author나민채 Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionKorean Manhwa

Poor Father and Daughter(Popularity:10 hits)

It's about a poor family of two: father and rebellious daughter. In order to make money the single father does a lot of odd jobs and at the school the daughter is incompatible with her classmates.
Latest Chapters[Ch.012] [Ch.011] [Ch.010.3] Expected to update:Feb 24,2020
AuthorKula Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionChinese Manhua

Paruno Gurafiti(Popularity:10 hits)

An autobiographical manga about Itagaki Paru, her two older sisters, mother, and father.
Latest Chapters[Ch.003] [Ch.002] [Ch.001] Expected to update:Mar 09,2020
AuthorITAGAKI Paru Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionJapanese Manga

Path of the Sword(Popularity:10 hits)

A baby born from a rock, the monster in others' conversations, married into his wife's family in accordance to his master's orders when he grew up, and he yet again gained another title as a toyboy. But who knew, I am actually an absolute sword saint that looks down upon the world, so what if I am a monster, so what if I married into another family, I shall sweep through the world of Huan Yu.
Latest Chapters[Ch.017] [Ch.016] [Ch.015] Expected to update:Mar 29,2020
AuthorHoly Spirit Animation Studio Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionChinese Manhua

Pierced Okayama(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.002] [Ch.001] Expected to update:Dec 12,2019
AuthorKawasaki Tadataka Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionJapanese Manga

PON PON PON!(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.001] Expected to update:Nov 29,2019
AuthorEmily Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionJapanese Manga

Phantom in the Twiligh (Popularity:10 hits)

Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Nov 26,2019
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionOther Manga

Pokemon SPECIAL Sword and Shield(Popularity:10 hits)

Pokemon Sword and Shield Manga Adaptation, featuring Gear Meister Soudo and Schildemilia.
Latest Chapters[Ch.005] [Ch.004] [Ch.003] Expected to update:Apr 01,2020
AuthorKusaka Hidenori Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionJapanese Manga

Phantom in the Twilight(Popularity:10 hits)

Vlad, Luke, and Toryuu work in Café Forbidden, a mysterious coffee shop that only opens at night. The three men look pretty normal, but they hide a secret they cannot share with anyone: every evening, they rush around London to uncover the mysterious incidents that take place in the city.
Latest Chapters[Ch.001] Expected to update:Nov 22,2019
AuthorHappy Elements Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionJapanese Manga

Peerless Ancient(Popularity:10 hits)

Our main character found out that the village that he is living in is just a world created by his father to protect him. His journey starts....
Latest Chapters[Ch.016] [Ch.015] [Ch.014] Expected to update:Feb 13,2020
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionChinese Manhua

Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System Case.3 Beyond Love and Hate(Popularity:10 hits)

After the case occurring in 2116 in the Southeast Asian Union (the SEAUn), Shinya Kogami continues to wander. In a small South Asian country, Kogami rescues a bus carrying refugees being attacked by armed guerrillas. Among them is a girl named Tenzing. Tenzing begs Kogami to teach her how to fight in order to take revenge. What kind of world exists wherein a girl seeking revenge and a man capable ...
Latest Chapters[Ch.004] [Ch.003] [Ch.002] Expected to update:Feb 05,2020
AuthorFukami Makoto Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionJapanese Manga

Precious 4p Short Stories(Popularity:10 hits)

A volume collection of sweet, short and fun 4 pages manga for everyone to enjoy and adore.
Latest Chapters[Ch.024] [Ch.023] [Ch.022] Expected to update:Dec 30,2019
AuthorAkitaka ARITA Imari Azuma Fuyu Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionJapanese Manga

Prohibited Distance 10m(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.004] [Ch.003] [Ch.002] Expected to update:Nov 05,2019
AuthorDeung Bul Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionKorean Manhwa
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