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Genius Cool Treasure: President's Wife Is Too Powerful(Popularity:10 hits)new

Latest Chapters[Ch.018] Expected to update:Apr 04,2020
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionOther Manga

Girls und Panzer - Unofficial Story - Koume's Road(Popularity:10 hits)new

Latest Chapters[Ch.009] [Ch.008] [Ch.007] Expected to update:Apr 02,2020
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionOther Manga

Goukon Aite wa Nikushoku Keikan(Popularity:10 hits)new

Latest Chapters[Ch.002] [Ch.001] Expected to update:Apr 02,2020
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionOther Manga

God Slayer(Popularity:10 hits)new

Latest Chapters[Ch.006] [Ch.005] [Ch.004] Expected to update:Apr 02,2020
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionOther Manga

Genius and the Phoenix(Popularity:10 hits)new

Latest Chapters[Ch.008.5] [Ch.008] [Ch.007.5] Expected to update:Apr 01,2020
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionOther Manga

Global Martial Arts(Popularity:10 hits)new

Latest Chapters[Ch.002] [Ch.001] Expected to update:Mar 31,2020
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionOther Manga

Give My Heart To You.(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.004] [Ch.003] [Ch.002] Expected to update:Mar 27,2020
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionOther Manga

God Gives Me Some Special Eyes(Popularity:10 hits)update

Latest Chapters[Ch.109] [Ch.108] [Ch.107] Expected to update:Apr 02,2020
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionOther Manga

Good-for-Nothing Defies Common Sense: The Evil Emperor's Wild Consort (Novel)(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.024] [Ch.023] [Ch.022] Expected to update:Mar 14,2020
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionOther Manga

GIRLS und PANZER - Erika Change! (Doujinshi)(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.007.5] [Ch.007] [Ch.006] Expected to update:Mar 13,2020
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionOther Manga

Gojussenchi no Isshou(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest ChaptersExpected to update:Mar 13,2020
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionOther Manga

Get Back (Chaeyul)(Popularity:10 hits)

The accident that occurred seven years ago at the orphanage changed the lives of these two girls forever. In a world where talent and ability are everything, what will be their destiny now?
Latest Chapters[Ch.011] [Ch.010] [Ch.009] Expected to update:Mar 16,2020
AuthorSeyoon Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionKorean Manhwa

Genshi Otome to Kami no Tou(Popularity:10 hits)update

Latest Chapters[Ch.005] [Ch.003] [Ch.002] Expected to update:Apr 04,2020
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionOther Manga

Gyeongseong In-House(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.004] [Ch.003] [Ch.002] Expected to update:Mar 05,2020
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionOther Manga

Giselle's Blood(Popularity:10 hits)

A rebellious spirit trapped in her marriage to a violent husband, Giselle leads a miserable life playing the role of a meek wife and lady. But one night, wandering her new home, Giselle discovers what seems to be a young boy trapped inside a cage. An inheritance from her husband’s eccentric father, the boy is considered a monster, an immortal “flower that feeds upon blood”. Despite her fear, Gisel...
Latest Chapters[Ch.016] [Ch.015] [Ch.014] Expected to update:Mar 24,2020
AuthorLee Yeonji Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionKorean Manhwa

Girudore(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.002] [Ch.001] Expected to update:Mar 03,2020
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionOther Manga

Gunslayer Legend(Popularity:10 hits)

In the year 2035, the technological civilization of mankind reached an unprecedented height. However, it was also followed by energy exhaustion. Soldiers from various countries plundered all the resources greedily. Ulysses performance will determine whether he can become an agent fighting for world peace!
Latest Chapters[Ch.037] [Ch.036] [Ch.035] Expected to update:Mar 04,2020
AuthorSan Fan Xiong Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionChinese Manhua

Giya Who Wants to Disturb and Tadamichi Who Cannot Be Disturbed(Popularity:10 hits)

Giya Ruko is a gyaru girl who is always at odds with the Public Morals Committee rep Shindou Tadamichi because of her tendency to show off too much skin against school regulations. In one instance, she taunts Shindou to just adjust her clothes for her since he's so damn worried about it... which he surprisingly does, with immovable determination and seriousness. How can she prevail against a bo...
Latest Chapters[Ch.003] [Ch.002] [Ch.001] Expected to update:Mar 02,2020
AuthorSUGUWARA Yuutaro Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionJapanese Manga

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss(Popularity:10 hits)

At a young age, she was a genius medical doctor who was imprisoned by her grandfather. But just as she managed to escape her shackles she met with misfortune and crossed over to another world. Now she's the overbearing, yet good-for-nothing, eldest daughter within the Duke's family. Everyone ridicules her for having no spirit familiar, and even her fiance takes joy in bullying her! But so what? I'...
Latest Chapters[Ch.040] [Ch.039] [Ch.038] Expected to update:Apr 01,2020
AuthorNorth Night Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionChinese Manhua

Girls' Frontline Trigger Happy(Popularity:10 hits)update

Official Girls' Frontline 4koma by SUNBORN Japan
Latest Chapters[Ch.008] [Ch.007] [Ch.006] Expected to update:Apr 03,2020
AuthorSUNBORN Japan Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionJapanese Manga

Greatest Boss System(Popularity:10 hits)

Who is he? Why is he called the Boss? Maybe he’s the fearless ruler of the world. Or maybe the worst enemy of humanity, who tears worlds down. After Su Sin was reborn, he lost all his skills and abilities from former life in a knights’ world. However, a newly implanted System can help him restore them. “My name is Su Sin where Sin means Promise keeper”.
Latest Chapters[Ch.006] [Ch.005] [Ch.004] Expected to update:Feb 24,2020
AuthorFeng Qi Yue Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionChinese Manhua

Garbage Brave: Isekai ni Shoukan Sare Suterareta Yuusha no Fukushuu Monogatari(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.001] Expected to update:Feb 13,2020
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionOther Manga

Goddess's Personal Doctor(Popularity:10 hits)

They all laughed at me as a toad from the mountain, but I got the goddess in their minds by using a Miao Xinjiang medicine ...
Latest Chapters[Ch.013] [Ch.012] [Ch.011] Expected to update:Apr 01,2020
AuthorIsland Project Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionChinese Manhua

Gantz:E(Popularity:10 hits)

The manga's story begins when a peasant named Hanbē asks a girl named O-haru for her hand in marriage, but O-haru confesses that she is already thinking of another man named Masakichi from a neighboring village. When Hanbē seeks out Masakichi, he finds that Masakichi possesses a sword and the skills to use it, despite being a peasant.
Latest Chapters[Ch.003] [Ch.002] [Ch.001] Expected to update:Mar 09,2020
AuthorOKU Hiroya Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionJapanese Manga
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