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Useless Ponko(Popularity:10 hits)

The near future, in a quiet seaside town. Yoshioka, who had recently lost his wife, just wants to spend the rest of his days in peace. However, Yoshioka's children, worried about their father's health, sent a housekeeping robot to help him. Yoshioka's quiet life is now changing.
Latest Chapters[Ch.022] [Ch.021] [Ch.020] Expected to update:Jan 17,2020
AuthorKeita Yatera Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Ushiharu(Popularity:10 hits)

The cow Ushiharu was brought to the middle schooler Kiyoharu's farm. To the people around him, she appears as just a normal cow, but just to him, she appears as a sexy cow-girl...!?
Latest Chapters[Ch.006] [Ch.005] [Ch.004] Expected to update:Apr 19,2019
AuthorGotou Yukiko Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Ultra Kaiju Humanization Project feat.POP Comic code(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.015] [Ch.014] [Ch.013] Expected to update:Sep 21,2019
AuthorShun Kazakami Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Unknowable Mind(Popularity:10 hits)

Na-Ri and Min-Ho are siblings that don't share a drop of blood, who happen to love each other dearly, but due to the oppression from their parents, they were forced to spend time away from each other. However, once Na-Ri became an adult, they both start to come out of the shadows about their hidden feelings for each other...
Latest Chapters[Ch.003] [Ch.002] [Ch.001] Expected to update:Jan 08,2019
AuthorTAIRA Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionKorean Manhwa

Umiiro March(Popularity:10 hits)

The story of the girls who met at Okinawa's sea. Amane who invites her neighbor living next door Sango to the sea. While bringing about a stormy mood, the two of them also head for the sea today!
Latest Chapters[Ch.015] [Ch.014] [Ch.013] Expected to update:Nov 18,2019
AuthorMinamito Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Unbalance x 2(Popularity:10 hits)

A young man finds and returns a lost wallet and cell phone to a beautiful young lady, thus begins the destined relationship between two strangers. Sound typical? Well then, how about making the young lady the young man's future homeroom teacher, and give them both a twisted sense of right and wrong. And just for kicks, let's have the young man help himself to a self proclaimed reward from the lost...
Latest Chapters[Ch.050] [Ch.049] [Ch.048] Expected to update:Jul 04,2019
AuthorLIM Dall-Young Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionKorean Manhwa

Under the Rose(Popularity:10 hits)

Under the Rose contains two stories: Winter's Tale (Fuyu no Monogatari): In the late 19th century England, Grace King was the daughter of a declined Marquis and also the mistress of Count Arthur Roland. After her mysterious death, her sons Linus and Lawrence were taken under custody of their father Earl Roland, who has a sick wife Anna and other children. Linus deeply suspects that the Roland ...
Latest Chapters[Ch.006.5] [Ch.004] [Ch.003] Expected to update:Nov 20,2018
AuthorFUNATO Akari Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Uchiage Hanabi, Shita kara Miru ka? Yoko kara Miru ka?(Popularity:10 hits)

The story is set on one day during summer vacation. It follows a group of boys who try to view a fireworks display from the town lighthouse to see if they look round or flat when viewed from the side. Meanwhile, one of the boys, Norimichi, receives an invitation from his crush Nazuna to run away with her.
Latest Chapters[Ch.010] [Ch.009] [Ch.008] Expected to update:Apr 09,2019
AuthorIWAI Shunji Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Umi no Mukou, Tsuki no Uragawa(Popularity:10 hits)

The story of two small-town high school boys and best friends, both striving to escape from their suffocating lives in the close-minded hamlet.
Latest Chapters[Ch.001] Expected to update:Aug 01,2017
AuthorSHIMOKAWA Saki Status:Completed Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari(Popularity:10 hits)

Following his estranged father's death, 30-year-old Tawara Souta returns to his home town in the Udon Prefecture, Kagawa, to deal with dispensing of property, which includes putting the family restaurant up for sale. There, he stumbles across a tanuki who's made the place his home; one thing leads to another, and he soon finds himself taking care of "Poco." But responsibility beckons, and his o...
Latest Chapters[Ch.003] [Ch.002] [Ch.001] Expected to update:Dec 07,2018
AuthorSHINOMARU Nodoka Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Urara Meirochou(Popularity:10 hits)

Meiro-chou is a town where all-female diviners (uranaishi) live and where girls from all over the country yearn to become the top diviner — Urara. Today, a solitary girl named Chiya enters the town's gates. However, she has another purpose coming here, besides becoming the Urara. Chiya's days as an apprentice diviner begin as she meets three friends — the earnest Kon, Koume who is a fan of Western...
Latest Chapters[Ch.062] [Ch.035] [Ch.034] Expected to update:Sep 15,2019
AuthorHarikamo Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Umbrella Sword(Popularity:10 hits)

The fourth entry from the infamous God series of web manga.
Latest Chapters[Ch.015] [Ch.014] [Ch.013] Expected to update:Feb 09,2017
AuthorTsukusun Status:Completed Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Uratarou(Popularity:10 hits)

As a child, Princess Taira Chiyo escaped from being captured by the Minamoto army due to the the sacrifice of her mother. Now at the age of 15, she travels the land searching for immortality. Following the rumors about an immortal named Kijin-sama, Chiyo actually finds him! But all he wants is to die?
Latest Chapters[Ch.050] [Ch.049] [Ch.048] Expected to update:Sep 30,2017
AuthorNAKAYAMA Atsushi Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Ureshon!(Popularity:10 hits)

A boy falls in love with a girl, who he witnesses urinating in public. Unable to confess, he is gifted with a deus ex machina when the girl suddenly transfers to his school. Never minding the coincidence, he immediately calls out to her, and is overjoyed to find out that she wet her pants the moment she saw him.
Latest Chapters[Ch.005] [Ch.004] [Ch.002] Expected to update:Mar 26,2019
AuthorKAZUMI Yoshiyuki Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Ushiro - Fukigen na Shinigami.(Popularity:10 hits)

"In exchange for your life, I'll grant you one wish." "Ushiro: the Somber God of Death" is what you get when Japanese horror meets Beetlejuice! Based on a cancelled Level Five game and a series of now popular horror novels written by Gotou Ryu, the manga adapts stories from the novels as faithfully as possible. Ushiro spends his days looking for people desperate enough to die so he can appro...
Latest Chapters[Ch.005] [Ch.004] [Ch.003] Expected to update:Aug 27,2019
AuthorGOTOU Ryu Level Five Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Ultrabaroque Deprogrammer(Popularity:10 hits)

Brainwashing is now a popular activity in corporate circles. Contracted by large companies, professional Washers hack into the brains of new employees and instil loyalty and drive. This surge of brainwashing soon gives rise to Deprogrammers: elite Washers who are capable of not only undoing brainwashing but also breaking down the human mind. But as the Washers begin to fear the Deprogrammers an...
Latest Chapters[Ch.045] [Ch.044] [Ch.042] Expected to update:Dec 10,2018
AuthorITOU Seikou Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Unbalance School Life(Popularity:10 hits)

A former boys' school recently integrated into a co-ed high school. Shinya Sanada spent the beginning on his high school life in a hospital, so he arrives to what he thought was the boys-only dormitory a month late. What's waiting for him is his former childhood friend, although he's much more womanly than he remembers. Shinya decides to adapt to his new life at school.
Latest Chapters[Ch.015] [Ch.014] [Ch.013] Expected to update:Oct 01,2016
AuthorMUTSUKI Tsutomu Status:Completed Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

U12(Popularity:10 hits)

12 girls are imprisoned in a mysterious prison. Fighting their way through this unjust and abnormal conditiions, these girls have begun a life and death struggle. A harrowing little girl prison escape.
Latest Chapters[Ch.002] [Ch.001] Expected to update:Jan 19,2016
AuthorYAMIKAWA Kou Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Uchuu no Profile(Popularity:10 hits)

Latest Chapters[Ch.004] [Ch.003] [Ch.002] Expected to update:Jun 23,2017
AuthorKOGATA Ku Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Ueno-san wa Bukiyou(Popularity:10 hits)

Ueno-san is strong in attitude, but weak in romance. It's a clumsy-heroine gag comedy!
Latest Chapters[Ch.055] [Ch.054] [Ch.053] Expected to update:Feb 26,2020
Authortugeneko Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Umibe no Machi(Popularity:10 hits)

Anthology of Sasaki's surreal stories that were published in Garo.
Latest Chapters[Ch.001] Expected to update:Nov 15,2015
AuthorSASAKI Maki Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Utsukushiki Shitai - SF & Mystery Hen(Popularity:10 hits)

Collection of short stories.
Latest Chapters[Ch.015.1] Expected to update:Nov 06,2015
AuthorEBISU Yoshikazu Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Utsurun Desu.(Popularity:10 hits)

From Wikipedia: This manga is deemed to be one of the works that initiated the "irrational" or "unreasonable" gag comic genre where the reason of its funniness cannot be explained by logic and traditional sense of humor, which made this title very popular among teens and early twenties at that time.
Latest Chapters[Ch.105] [Ch.000] Expected to update:Jan 08,2016
AuthorYOSHIDA Sensha Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga

Umi no Cradle(Popularity:10 hits)

From Antisense Scanslations: Set sail in this shipboard drama set in the Age of Exploration from amazing mangaka Nagano Mei. The time is the Industrial Revolution, the location England. Monica, a young girl living in the slums, was making a good living as the nursemaid of Evan, a young child of a wealthy household. But when her master's ship goes missing, she's cut loose. A year later, while vis...
Latest Chapters[Ch.021] [Ch.020] [Ch.019] Expected to update:Jan 21,2019
AuthorNAGANO Mei Status:Ongoing Genre(s)seinen RegionJapanese Manga
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