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King of the Gods(Popularity:10 hits)

When Meng Fan was trying to find herbs for his sick mother, he was saved by a mysterious woman who promise to make him stronger in exchange for a few promises
Latest Chapters[Ch.007] [Ch.006] [Ch.005] Expected to update:Mar 14,2020
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionChinese Manhua

Kneel, My Bossy Hubby!(Popularity:10 hits)

I loved you with all my heart, my everything, but you ignored, treated my heart like trash and got divorced with me! Now you come back for me? Who do you think you are! Kneel!
Latest Chapters[Ch.028] [Ch.027] [Ch.026] Expected to update:Apr 02,2020
AuthorSihai Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionChinese Manhua

King of Hell: Yu Di(Popularity:10 hits)

Going to school during the day, at night, the incarnation of the ghost of the city ghost night ghost, the real identity turned out to be the youngest son of the king of hell, the command of the eleventh yin handsome - Luo Luo Prison! There is also a local girl who claims to be her
Latest Chapters[Ch.001] Expected to update:Jul 18,2019
AuthorFanqi Anime Status:Ongoing Genre(s)shounen RegionChinese Manhua

Killer Seven(Popularity:10 hits)

On a small island, Seven, an assassin who can disguise himself as anything, carries out various assassinations at a low price, charging only 567 yuan for each mission.
Latest Chapters[Ch.009] [Ch.008] [Ch.007] Expected to update:Aug 02,2019
AuthorStatus:Ongoing Genre(s)shounen RegionChinese Manhua

King of Apocalypse(Popularity:10 hits)

Qin Yu was killed a few hundred years into the future during the apocalypse due to a misjudgment. He then traveled back in time before the apocalypse kick off, relying on his battle hardened apocalypse experience and techniques, Qin Yu rapidly developed into a formidable opponent, passing through hurdles, saving the world all while protecting his beloved sister.
Latest Chapters[Ch.157] [Ch.154] [Ch.153] Expected to update:Mar 31,2020
AuthorENG Status:Ongoing Genre(s)shounen RegionChinese Manhua

Kaifeng Qi Tan - Zhe Ge Bao Gong Bu Tai Xing(Popularity:10 hits)

Set in the time of ancient China's most revered and righteous judge, Lord Bao, this very judge and his other legendary companions are given life and vibrant personalities whilst various things a modern twist (you know what to expect of a manhua who has got a character wearing glasses in ancient China).
Latest Chapters[Ch.016] [Ch.015] [Ch.014] Expected to update:Feb 19,2019
AuthorXiao Chen Shou Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionChinese Manhua

Kindred(Popularity:10 hits)

“The Kindred Crown”: In the world of the vampires, there is a mysterious legend that hasn’t been spoken of for thousands of years. Lilith bestowed Cain’s crown with the stone with the power to change the world- the Divine Shard. This led to the rise of the thousand-year blood war between the two vampire clans- the kindred and the demon-touched.
Latest Chapters[Ch.012] [Ch.011] [Ch.010] Expected to update:Jan 06,2017
AuthorSaiko Plus Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionChinese Manhua

Kipen Manga(Popularity:10 hits)

A manga about funny and touching storys. http://weibo.com/hguuy               ∧__∧               ( ?° ?? ?°) - Kipen             ?  つ              (つ ?               (ノ      \      ☆              |     ☆           (⌒ ⌒ヽ   /     \  (′⌒  ⌒  ⌒ヾ   /       (’⌒ ; ⌒   ::⌒  )      (′     )     ::: ) /   ☆─ (′⌒;:    ::⌒`) :;  )      (⌒::   ::     ::⌒ )     / (    ゝ  ヾ 丶  ソ ─
Latest Chapters[Ch.083] [Ch.082] [Ch.070] Expected to update:Jan 03,2018
AuthorKipen Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionChinese Manhua

Kill er(Popularity:10 hits)

A Manga adaptation of the 9th book from the famous Killer Series written by Gibbens(九把刀). This is a story about an ordinary guy under extraordinary circumstance turning into a psychotic mad killer.
Latest Chapters[Ch.011] [Ch.010] [Ch.009] Expected to update:Dec 25,2017
AuthorYu Er Status:Completed Genre(s)seinen RegionChinese Manhua

Kill No More(Popularity:10 hits)

An assassin who swore never to kill again - Liola, was being chased by an assassination organization when he accidentally dropped into a parallel universe. In this chaotic, unorganized world, Liola continues to honor his promise. He tries his best to live the life of an ordinary person, but after a series of events occured... He suddenly realized that actually, being an ordinary person is harder t...
Latest Chapters[Ch.008.5] [Ch.008] [Ch.007] Expected to update:Jun 22,2014
AuthorYu Wo Status:Ongoing Genre(s)shoujo RegionChinese Manhua

King Of Kung Fu(Popularity:10 hits)

Talks about a young man that used to be nothing. One day he was fortunate enough to see an inspiring event happen, which will change the lives of him and other witnesses
Latest Chapters[Ch.001] Expected to update:Sep 09,2011
Authorunknow Status:Ongoing Genre(s)RegionChinese Manhua

Knight Princess(Popularity:10 hits)

Yashi has wandered with her father for fourteen years, and only now has she discovered that her own mother is actually Bocinia’s current queen. To see her mother, from whom she was separated when she was just an infant, she and her father enter the palace, but she never thought she would accidentally run into the Princess of Bocinia, and then become her bodyguard by mistake... (Manga Incomplete...
Latest Chapters[Vol.019] [Vol.018] [Vol.017] Expected to update:Jun 04,2013
AuthorCen Xiao Jing Tsen Shiau-Jing Status:Ongoing Genre(s)shoujo RegionChinese Manhua
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