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Bleach Comic Introduction

Bleach Summary

Bleach follows the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki after he obtains the powers of a Soul Reaper —a death personification similar to the Grim Reaper—from another Soul Reaper, Rukia Kuchiki. His newfound powers force him to take on the duties of defending humans from evil spirits and guiding departed souls to the afterlife. What the Bleach manga attracted us is not the novel lot, but the interpretation about the fate of Ichigo Kurosaki, a young who stay with the sad memories. The Bleach tried to outline the story out with a lot of memories and dialogues, slowly but implicative.
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Volume 58
Bleach Vol.686:Death & Strawberry 时之沙 Aug 18,2016
Bleach Vol.685:A Perfect End. 时之沙 Aug 04,2016
Bleach Vol.684:The Blade 时之沙 Jul 28,2016
Bleach Vol.683:The Dark Side of Two World Ends MangaStream 时之沙 Jul 21,2016
Bleach Vol.682:The Two Sided World End 时之沙 Jul 13,2016
Bleach Vol.681:The End Two World MangaStream 时之沙 Jul 07,2016
Bleach Vol.680:THE END-2 MangaStream 时之沙 Jun 30,2016
Bleach Vol.679:THE END MangaStream 时之沙 Jun 23,2016
Bleach Vol.678:The Future Black MangaStream 时之沙 Jun 16,2016
Bleach Vol.677:Horn of Salvation 2 MangaStream 时之沙 Jun 09,2016
Bleach Vol.676:Horn of Salvation MangaStream 时之沙 Jun 02,2016
Bleach Vol.675:Blood for My Bone MangaStream 时之沙 May 26,2016
Bleach Vol.674:Father 2 MangaStream 时之沙 May 19,2016
Bleach Vol.673:Father MangaStream 时之沙 May 12,2016
Bleach Vol.672:Son of Darkness MangaStream 时之沙 May 02,2016
Bleach Vol.671:The Perfect Crimson 2 MangaStream 时之沙 Apr 21,2016
Bleach Vol.670:The Perfect Crimson MangaStream 时之沙 Apr 14,2016
Bleach Vol.669:Yaiba II MangaStream 时之沙 Apr 07,2016
Bleach Vol.668:Bigger, Faster, Stronger MangaStream 时之沙 Mar 31,2016
Bleach Vol.667:Bigger, Louder, Stronger MangaStream 时之沙 Mar 24,2016
Bleach Vol.666:Empty Hall of the Puppet Temple MangaStream 时之沙 Mar 17,2016
Bleach Vol.665:The Princess Dissection MangaStream 时之沙 Mar 11,2016
Bleach Vol.664.5:Announcement 时之沙 Mar 03,2016
Bleach Vol.664:The Gift MangaStream 时之沙 Feb 25,2016
Bleach Vol.663:God of Thunder 4 MangaStream 时之沙 Feb 18,2016
Bleach Vol.662:God of Thunder 3 MangaStream 时之沙 Feb 10,2016
Bleach Vol.661:My Last Words MangaStream 时之沙 Feb 04,2016
Bleach Vol.660:The Visible Answer MangaStream 时之沙 Jan 28,2016
Bleach Vol.659:There Will Be Frost MangaStream 时之沙 Jan 22,2016
Bleach Vol.658:Fatal Matters Are Cold MangaStream 时之沙 Jan 14,2016
Bleach Vol.657:God of Thunder 2 MangaStream 时之沙 Dec 26,2015
Bleach Vol.656:God of Thunder MangaStream 时之沙 Dec 17,2015
Bleach Vol.655:The Miracle 时之沙 Dec 11,2015
Bleach Vol.654:Deadman Standing 时之沙 Dec 04,2015
Bleach Vol.653:The Theatre Suicide - Scene 7 MangaStream 时之沙 Nov 27,2015
Bleach Vol.652:The Theatre Suicide Scene 6 MangaStream 时之沙 Nov 20,2015
Bleach Vol.651:The Theatre Suicide Scene 5 MangaStream 时之沙 Nov 13,2015
Bleach Vol.650:The Theatre Suicide Scene 4 MangaStream 时之沙 Nov 06,2015
Bleach Vol.649:The Theater Suicide Scene 3 时之沙 Oct 30,2015
Bleach Vol.648:The Theatre Suicide Scene 2 MangaStream 时之沙 Oct 23,2015
Bleach Vol.647:The Theatre Suicide MangaStream 时之沙 Oct 16,2015
Bleach Vol.646:The Second Eye MangaStream 时之沙 Oct 08,2015
Bleach Vol.645:Don't Chase a Shadow MangaStream 时之沙 Oct 08,2015
Bleach Vol.644:Baby, Hold Your Hand 7 - Never Ending My Dream MangaStream 时之沙 Sep 25,2015
Bleach Vol.643:Baby, Hold Your Hand 6 MangaStream 时之沙 Sep 17,2015
Bleach Vol.642:Baby, Hold Your Hand 5 时之沙 Sep 11,2015
Bleach Vol.641:Baby, Hold Your Hand 4 - When I am sleeping MangaStream 时之沙 Sep 06,2015
Bleach Vol.640:Baby, Hold Your Hand 3 (Mad Lullaby no.7) 时之沙 Aug 28,2015
Bleach Vol.639:Baby, Hold Your Hand 2 时之沙 Aug 21,2015
Bleach Vol.638:Seething Malice Is The Height Of Comedy 时之沙 Aug 07,2015
Bleach Vol.637:Baby, Hold Your Hand MangaStream 时之沙 Jul 31,2015
Bleach Vol.636:Sensitive Monster MangaStream 时之沙 Jul 24,2015
Bleach Vol.635:Hooded Enigma 时之沙 Jul 15,2015
Bleach Vol.634:Friend 4 MangaStream 时之沙 Jul 10,2015
Bleach Vol.633:Friend 3 MangaStream 时之沙 Jul 03,2015
Bleach Vol.632:Friend 2 时之沙 Jun 26,2015
Bleach Vol.631:Friend MangaStream 时之沙 Jun 19,2015
Bleach Vol.630:The Twined Twilight 时之沙 Jun 12,2015
Bleach Vol.629:Gate of The Sun Mangastream 时之沙 Jun 05,2015
Bleach Vol.628:New World Orders 时之沙 May 29,2015
Bleach Vol.627:The Creation 时之沙 May 22,2015
Bleach Vol.626:The Holy Newborn 时之沙 May 15,2015
Bleach Vol.625:Living Jaguar 时之沙 May 08,2015
Bleach Vol.624:The Fang 时之沙 Apr 24,2015
Bleach Vol.623:Against the Judgement 时之沙 Apr 10,2015
Bleach Vol.622:The Agony 时之沙 Apr 03,2015
Bleach Vol.621:The Dark Curtain 时之沙 Mar 27,2015
Bleach Vol.620:Where Do You Stand 时之沙 Mar 20,2015
Bleach Vol.619:The Betrayer 时之沙 Mar 13,2015
Bleach Vol.618:The Dark Arm 时之沙 Mar 06,2015
Bleach Vol.617:Return of the God (MS Version) 时之沙 Mar 02,2015
Bleach Vol.616:Mimihagi-Sama 时之沙 Feb 21,2015
Bleach Vol.615:All Is Lost 时之沙 Feb 13,2015
Bleach Vol.614:Kill the King 时之沙 Feb 06,2015
Bleach Vol.613:The Ordinary Peace 时之沙 Jan 30,2015
Bleach Vol.612:Dirty 时之沙 Jan 23,2015
Bleach Vol.611:Death of the Soul King 时之沙 Dec 27,2014
Bleach Vol.610:Mausoleum of Skulls 时之沙 Dec 19,2014
Bleach Vol.609:A 时之沙 Dec 12,2014
Bleach Vol.608:Darkness From the Blackest of Black MS 时之沙 Dec 05,2014
Bleach Vol.607:The Master MS 时之沙 Nov 28,2014
Bleach Vol.606:Divine Division MS 时之沙 Nov 21,2014
Bleach Vol.605:Don't Call My Name MS 时之沙 Nov 14,2014
Bleach Vol.604:Revitalize MS 时之沙 Nov 07,2014
Bleach Vol.603:What the Hell MS 时之沙 Oct 30,2014
Bleach Vol.602:Bane Licking Good MS 时之沙 Oct 24,2014
Bleach Vol.601:Verge On Vermillion ms 时之沙 Oct 17,2014
Bleach Vol.600:Snipe MangaStream 时之沙 Oct 10,2014
Bleach Vol.599:Too Early to Win Too Late to Know MS 时之沙 Oct 02,2014
Bleach Vol.598:The Shooting Star Project [We Only Have to Beat You Mix] ms 时之沙 Sep 26,2014
Bleach Vol.597:Winded by the Shadow MS 时之沙 Sep 19,2014
Bleach Vol.596:Rub-Dolls 3 ms 时之沙 Sep 11,2014
Bleach Vol.595:Rub-Dolls 2 ms 时之沙 Sep 05,2014
Bleach Vol.594:Rub-Dolls ms 时之沙 Aug 29,2014
Bleach Vol.593:Marching Out the ZOMBIES 4 Mangastream 时之沙 Aug 21,2014
Bleach Vol.592:Marching Out the ZOMBIES 3 时之沙 Aug 07,2014
Bleach Vol.591:Marching Out the ZOMBIES 2 时之沙 Jul 30,2014
Bleach Vol.590:Marching Out the ZOMBIES 时之沙 Jul 24,2014
Bleach Vol.589:"The Shooting Star Project" [The Old and New Trust] 时之沙 Jul 16,2014
Bleach Vol.588:The Headless Star 7 时之沙 Jul 10,2014
Bleach Vol.587:The Headless Star 6 时之沙 Jul 03,2014
Bleach Vol.586:Headless Star 5 时之沙 Jun 26,2014
Bleach Vol.585:The Headless Star 4 时之沙 Jun 18,2014
Bleach Vol.584:The Headless Star 3 时之沙 Jun 11,2014
Bleach Vol.583:The Headless Star 2 时之沙 Jun 05,2014
Bleach Vol.582:The Headless Star 时之沙 May 29,2014
Bleach Vol.581:The Hero 2 时之沙 May 22,2014
Bleach Vol.580:The Light 时之沙 May 15,2014
Bleach Vol.579:The Undead 6 时之沙 May 08,2014
Bleach Vol.578:The Undead 5 时之沙 Apr 24,2014
Bleach Vol.577:Blade 时之沙 Apr 17,2014
Bleach Vol.576:The Killers High 2 时之沙 Apr 10,2014
Bleach Vol.575:The Killers High 时之沙 Apr 02,2014
Bleach Vol.574:Death In Vision 时之沙 Mar 27,2014
Bleach Vol.573:I am the Edge Mangastream 时之沙 Mar 20,2014
Bleach Vol.572:The Blaster 时之沙 Mar 13,2014
Bleach Vol.571:A Devilish Perspective 时之沙 Mar 06,2014
Bleach Vol.570:Closer, Closer 时之沙 Feb 27,2014
Bleach Vol.569:The White Haze 时之沙 Feb 20,2014
Bleach Vol.568:Hear. Fear. Here 2 时之沙 Feb 13,2014
Bleach Vol.567:Dance With Snowhite 时之沙 Feb 11,2014
Bleach Vol.566:What Is Your Fear? 时之沙 Feb 11,2014
Bleach Vol.565:God Like You 时之沙 Jan 23,2014
Bleach Vol.564:Red Bristled Kings 时之沙 Jan 16,2014
Bleach Vol.563:Superstar Never Die 时之沙 Dec 27,2013
Bleach Vol.562:The Villain 2 时之沙 Dec 18,2013
Bleach Vol.561:The Villain 时之沙 Dec 12,2013
Bleach Vol.560:Rages at Ringside 时之沙 Dec 05,2013
Bleach Vol.559:The Night Right 时之沙 Nov 28,2013
Bleach Vol.558:The Wolf's Heart 时之沙 Nov 21,2013
Bleach Vol.557:His Life Has Already Been Set Aside 时之沙 Nov 14,2013
Bleach Vol.556:The Wolfsbane 时之沙 Nov 07,2013
Bleach Vol.555:The Hero 时之沙 Oct 30,2013
Bleach Vol.554:Desperate Lights 时之沙 Oct 23,2013
Bleach Vol.553:Frozen Cross MS 时之沙 Sep 01,2014
Bleach Vol.552:The Fundamental Virulence 时之沙 Oct 09,2013
Bleach Vol.551:The Burnt Offerings 时之沙 Oct 09,2013
Bleach Vol.550:Blazing Bullets 时之沙 Sep 26,2013
Bleach Vol.549:The Storm Bringer 时之沙 Sep 15,2013
Bleach Vol.548:The Thin Ice 时之沙 Sep 11,2013
Bleach Vol.547:Peace From Shadows 时之沙 Sep 05,2013
Bleach Vol.546:The Last 9 Days 时之沙 Jul 18,2013
Bleach Vol.545:Blue Stripes 时之沙 Jul 10,2013
Bleach Vol.544:Walking With Watchers 时之沙 Jul 04,2013
Bleach Vol.543:Letters 时之沙 Jun 27,2013
Bleach Vol.542:The Blade Is Me 时之沙 Jun 20,2013
Bleach Vol.541:The Blade And Me 2 时之沙 Jun 13,2013
Bleach Vol.540:The Sword Five 时之沙 Jun 06,2013
Bleach Vol.539:Prob-less, Progress 时之沙 May 30,2013
Bleach Vol.538:Standing On the Edge 时之沙 May 23,2013
Bleach Vol.537:Everything But the Rain OP 10 时之沙 May 16,2013
Bleach Vol.536:Everything But the Rain OP.9 时之沙 May 07,2013
Bleach Vol.535:Everything But the Rain OP.8 时之沙 Apr 24,2013
Bleach Vol.534:Everything But the Rain OP.7 时之沙 Apr 18,2013
Bleach Vol.533:Everything But the Rain OP.6 MS 时之沙 Sep 01,2014
Bleach Vol.532:Everything But the Rain OP.5 时之沙 Apr 05,2013
Bleach Vol.531:Everything But the Rain OP.4 时之沙 Mar 28,2013
Bleach Vol.530:Everything But the Rain OP.3 时之沙 Mar 14,2013
Bleach Vol.529:Everything But the Rain OP.2 时之沙 Mar 07,2013
Volume 53
Bleach Vol.528:Everything But the Rain 1 时之沙 Feb 28,2013
Bleach Vol.527:Eliminate From Heaven 时之沙 Feb 21,2013
Bleach Vol.526:The Battle 时之沙 Feb 16,2013
Bleach Vol.525:Edges 时之沙 Jan 31,2013
Bleach Vol.524:The Drop 时之沙 Jan 24,2013
Bleach Vol.523:Words of Origin 时之沙 Jan 17,2013
Bleach Vol.522:Love It 时之沙 Dec 28,2012
Bleach Vol.521:A Piggy Party MangaStream 时之沙 Dec 19,2012
Bleach Vol.520:Killers Not Dead 时之沙 Dec 13,2012
Bleach Vol.519:Hot Hot Heat 时之沙 Dec 06,2012
Bleach Vol.518:The Shooting Star Project 时之沙 Nov 29,2012
Bleach Vol.517:The Stairway to Heaven 时之沙 Nov 22,2012
Bleach Vol.516:The Squad Zero 时之沙 Nov 15,2012
Bleach Vol.515:Relics 时之沙 Nov 08,2012
Bleach Vol.514:Born in the Dark 时之沙 Oct 31,2012
Bleach Vol.513:The Dark Moon Stroke 时之沙 Oct 25,2012
Bleach Vol.512:Everything but the Rain 时之沙 Oct 18,2012
Bleach Vol.511:Death Whilst Standing 时之沙 Oct 11,2012
Bleach Vol.510:The Extinction 时之沙 Oct 02,2012
Bleach Vol.509:Tenchi Kaijin 时之沙 Sep 27,2012
Bleach Vol.508:Like a Raging Fire 时之沙 Sep 20,2012
Bleach Vol.507:The Fire 3 时之沙 Sep 11,2012
Bleach Vol.506:The Fire 2 时之沙 Sep 05,2012
Bleach Vol.505:The Fire 时之沙 Aug 29,2012
Bleach Vol.504:Before The Shadows 时之沙 Aug 22,2012
Bleach Vol.503:Wrath as a Lightning 时之沙 Aug 12,2012
Bleach Vol.502:Falling Soul 时之沙 Jul 25,2012
Bleach Vol.501:Hear. Fear. Here 时之沙 Jul 19,2012
Bleach Vol.500:Rescuer In The Deep Dark 时之沙 Jul 10,2012
Bleach Vol.499:Rescuer in the Dark 时之沙 Jul 04,2012
Bleach Vol.498:The Black Rescuer 时之沙 Jun 27,2012
Bleach Vol.497:Kill the Shadow 2 时之沙 Jun 20,2012
Bleach Vol.496:Kill the shadow 时之沙 Jun 13,2012
Bleach Vol.495:Bleeding Guitar Blues 时之沙 Jun 06,2012
Bleach Vol.494:The closing chapter part 1 时之沙 May 30,2012
Bleach Vol.493:Light of Happiness 时之沙 May 23,2012
Bleach Vol.492:Balancer's Justice 时之沙 May 17,2012
Bleach Vol.491:Toden Engel 时之沙 May 10,2012
Bleach Vol.490:March Of The StarCross 2 时之沙 Apr 29,2012
Bleach Vol.489:March of the StarCross 时之沙 Apr 19,2012
Bleach Vol.488:Bond Behind Blast 时之沙 Apr 11,2012
Bleach Vol.487:Breathe But Blind 时之沙 Apr 04,2012
Bleach Vol.486:The Crimson Cremation 时之沙 Mar 29,2012
Bleach Vol.485:Foundation Stones 时之沙 Mar 21,2012
Bleach Vol.484:The Buckbeard 时之沙 Mar 07,2012
Bleach Vol.483:KriegsErklarung 时之沙 Feb 29,2012
Bleach Vol.482:Bad Recognition 时之沙 Feb 22,2012
Bleach Vol.481:The Tearing 时之沙 Feb 15,2012
Bleach Vol.480:Final Arc - The Thousand Year Blood War 时之沙 Feb 08,2012
Bleach Vol.479:Goodbye to our Xcution 时之沙 Jan 12,2012
Bleach Vol.478:The Lost 3 MangaStream 时之沙 Dec 26,2011
Bleach Vol.477:The Lost 2 时之沙 Dec 14,2011
Bleach Vol.476:The Lost 时之沙 Dec 07,2011
Volume 51
Bleach Vol.475:Shades of the Bond 时之沙 Dec 01,2011
Bleach Vol.474:Believe MangaStream 时之沙 Nov 23,2011
Bleach Vol.473:Enemies in the Dark 时之沙 Nov 16,2011
Bleach Vol.472:Razoredge Requiem 时之沙 Nov 10,2011
Bleach Vol.471:Pray For Predators 2 时之沙 Nov 02,2011
Bleach Vol.470:Pray For Predators 时之沙 Oct 28,2011
Bleach Vol.469:Rag Lag Rumble 时之沙 Oct 19,2011
Bleach Vol.468:Raid As a Blade 时之沙 Oct 12,2011
Bleach Vol.467:Luck Men 时之沙 Oct 05,2011
Bleach Vol.466:Screaming Invader 时之沙 Sep 28,2011
Bleach Vol.465:Bad Blood Exhaust 时之沙 Sep 22,2011
Bleach Vol.464:Quiet Chamber, Noisy Heart 时之沙 Sep 14,2011
Bleach Vol.463:Extreme divider 时之沙 Sep 07,2011
Bleach Vol.462:Why Me Sad 时之沙 Sep 01,2011
Bleach Vol.461:Come Around Our Turn 时之沙 Aug 24,2011
Bleach Vol.460:Deathberry Returns 2 时之沙 Aug 17,2011
Bleach Vol.459:Death & Strawberry 2 时之沙 Aug 03,2011
Bleach Vol.458:End of All Bonds 时之沙 Jul 27,2011
Bleach Vol.457:End of Bond 3 时之沙 Jul 21,2011
Volume 45
Bleach Vol.456:End of the Bond 2 时之沙 Jul 13,2011
Bleach Vol.455:End of the Bond 1 时之沙 Jul 06,2011
Bleach Vol.454:Sheathebreaker 时之沙 Jun 29,2011
Bleach Vol.453:Mute Your Breathe Friendship 时之沙 Jun 23,2011
Bleach Vol.452:Erosion/Implosion 时之沙 Jun 16,2011
Bleach Vol.451:Welcome to Our EXECUTION 4 时之沙 Jun 09,2011
Bleach Vol.450:Blind Solitude 时之沙 Jun 02,2011
Bleach Vol.449:Not be a Drug 时之沙 May 26,2011
Bleach Vol.448:Loading To Lie 时之沙 May 19,2011
Bleach Vol.447:Load 时之沙 May 17,2011
Bleach Vol.446:The Continuation of a Dream... 时之沙 May 01,2011
Bleach Vol.445:The Dark Beat 时之沙 Apr 21,2011
Bleach Vol.444:The Rising 时之沙 Apr 14,2011
Bleach Vol.443:Dirty Boots Dangers 时之沙 Apr 07,2011
Bleach Vol.442:Battlefield Shallows, Otherfield Abyss 时之沙 Mar 31,2011
Bleach Vol.441:Spotlight Brocken 时之沙 Mar 17,2011
Bleach Vol.440:Mute Friendship 时之沙 Mar 10,2011
Bleach Vol.439:Keen Marker 时之沙 Mar 03,2011
Bleach Vol.438:Knuckle Down 时之沙 Feb 24,2011
Bleach Vol.437:Swastika Break 时之沙 Apr 03,2013
Bleach Vol.436:The Time Discipline 时之沙 Feb 10,2011
Bleach Vol.435:Panic at the Dollhouse 时之沙 Feb 03,2011
Bleach Vol.434:Berry In The Box 时之沙 Jan 27,2011
Bleach Vol.433:The Six Fullbringers 时之沙 Jan 13,2011
Bleach Vol.432:The Soul Pantheism 时之沙 Dec 26,2010
Bleach Vol.431:Welcome to our Execution 3 时之沙 Dec 16,2010
Bleach Vol.430:Welcome to our Execution 2 时之沙 Dec 09,2010
Bleach Vol.429:Welcome to our Execution 时之沙 Dec 03,2010
Bleach Vol.428.1:BLEACH the Motion Picture Hell Arc 时之沙 Apr 02,2013
Bleach Vol.428:The Known 时之沙 Nov 26,2010
Bleach Vol.427:A Delicious Dissonance 时之沙 Nov 17,2010
Bleach Vol.426:The Starter 2 时之沙 Nov 11,2010
Bleach Vol.425:A Day Without Melodies 时之沙 Nov 03,2010
Bleach Vol.424:The Lost Agent 时之沙 Oct 28,2010
Bleach Vol.423:Farewell Swords 时之沙 Oct 07,2010
Bleach Vol.422:The Silent Victory 时之沙 Oct 01,2010
Bleach Vol.421:Deicide 23 时之沙 Sep 25,2010
Bleach Vol.420:Deicide 22 SleepyFans 时之沙 Sep 17,2010
Bleach Vol.419:Deicide 21 SleepyFans 时之沙 Sep 18,2010
Bleach Vol.418:Deicide 20 SleepyFans 时之沙 Sep 18,2010
Bleach Vol.417:Deicide 19 SleepyFans 时之沙 Sep 18,2010
Bleach Vol.416:Deicide 18 SleepyFans 时之沙 Sep 18,2010
Bleach Vol.415:Deicide 17 SleepyFans 时之沙 Sep 18,2010
Bleach Vol.414:Deicide 16 SleepyFans 时之沙 Jul 31,2010
Bleach Vol.413:Deicide 15 SleepyFans 时之沙 Jul 23,2010
Bleach Vol.412:Deicide 14 SleepyFans 时之沙 Jul 16,2010
Bleach Vol.411:Deicide 13 SleepyFans 时之沙 Jul 09,2010
Bleach Vol.410:Deicide 12 SleepyFans 时之沙 Jul 02,2010
Bleach Vol.409:Deicide 11 SleepyFans 时之沙 Jun 25,2010
Bleach Vol.408:Deicide 10 SleepyFans 时之沙 Jul 04,2010
Bleach Vol.407:Deicide 9 SleepyFans 时之沙 Jun 11,2010
Bleach Vol.406:Deicide 8 End of The Chrysalis Age Sleepy Fans 时之沙 Jun 04,2010
Bleach Vol.405:Deicide 7 SleepyFans 时之沙 May 28,2010
Bleach Vol.404:Deicide 6 SleepyFans 时之沙 May 21,2010
Bleach Vol.403:Deicide 5 SleepyFans 时之沙 May 14,2010
Bleach Vol.402:Deicide 4 thefolenangel 时之沙 May 05,2010
Bleach Vol.401:Deicide 3 SleepyFans 时之沙 Apr 24,2010
Bleach Vol.400:Deicide 2 SleepyFans 时之沙 Apr 16,2010
Bleach Vol.399:Deicide SleepyFans 时之沙 Apr 09,2010
Bleach Vol.398:The Father and Son Bond SleepyFans 时之沙 Apr 02,2010
Volume 44
Bleach Vol.397:Edge of the Silence SleepyFans 时之沙 Mar 26,2010
Bleach Vol.396:The Bite SleepyFans 时之沙 Mar 19,2010
Bleach Vol.395:The Burnout Inferno 3 SleepyFans 时之沙 Mar 12,2010
Bleach Vol.394:The Burnout Inferno 2 Sleepy Fans 时之沙 Mar 05,2010
Bleach Vol.393:The Burnout Inferno SleepyFans 时之沙 Feb 26,2010
Bleach Vol.392:The Breaking Glaciers Hueco Mundo 时之沙 Feb 11,2010
Bleach Vol.391:The Blazing Glaciers SleepyFans 时之沙 Feb 05,2010
Bleach Vol.390:Beyond The Death Understanding SleepyFans 时之沙 Jan 29,2010
Bleach Vol.389:Winged Eagles 2 SleepyFans 时之沙 Jan 22,2010
Bleach Vol.388:Eagle Without Wings 2 SleepyFans 时之沙 Jan 15,2010
Bleach Vol.387:Ignited SleepyFans 时之沙 Dec 26,2009
Bleach Vol.386:The Bestial SleepyFans 时之沙 Dec 18,2009
Bleach Vol.385:Vice It SleepyFans 时之沙 Dec 11,2009
Bleach Vol.384:Can't Fear Your Own Sword! SleepyFans 时之沙 Dec 03,2009
Bleach Vol.383:Too Early To Trust SleepyFans 时之沙 Nov 27,2009
Bleach Vol.382:The United Front *Discordeque Mix* Sugooi Scans 时之沙 Nov 13,2009
Bleach Vol.381:Words Just Don't Like You SleepyFans 时之沙 Nov 06,2009
Bleach Vol.380:Devil, Devil, Devil, Devil Sugooi Scans 时之沙 Oct 30,2009
Bleach Vol.379:Falta de Armonia thefolenangel 时之沙 Oct 23,2009
Bleach Vol.378:Eyes of the Victor \o/ 时之沙 Oct 16,2009
Volume 43
Bleach Vol.377:Shout at the Dark \o/ 时之沙 Oct 09,2009
Bleach Vol.376:Execution, Extinction 2 SleepyFans 时之沙 Oct 02,2009
Bleach Vol.375:Execution, Extinction SleepyFans 时之沙 Sep 25,2009
Bleach Vol.374:Grey Wolves, Red Blood, Black Clothes, White Bones SleepyFans 时之沙 Sep 18,2009
Bleach Vol.373:Wolves Ain't Howl Alone SleepyFans 时之沙 Sep 11,2009
Bleach Vol.372:The Metal Cudgel Flinger SleepyFans 时之沙 Sep 04,2009
Bleach Vol.371:Kingdom Of Hollows SleepyFans 时之沙 Aug 28,2009
Bleach Vol.370:Debating Life from God's Viewpoint SleepyFans 时之沙 Aug 21,2009
Bleach Vol.369:Spit On Your Own God SleepyFans 时之沙 Aug 07,2009
Volume 42
Bleach Vol.368:The Fearless Child SleepyFans 时之沙 Jul 31,2009
Bleach Vol.367:Your Enemy is My Enemy SleepyFans 时之沙 Jul 24,2009
Bleach Vol.366:The Revenger's High Franky-House 时之沙 Jul 16,2009
Bleach Vol.365:Whose Side Are We On SleepyFans 时之沙 Jul 10,2009
Bleach Vol.364:Grinning Revengers SleepyFans 时之沙 Jul 03,2009
Bleach Vol.363:Superchunky from Hell SleepyFans 时之沙 Jun 26,2009
Bleach Vol.362:Howling Wolves SleepyFans 时之沙 Jun 19,2009
Bleach Vol.361:I Hate Loneliness, But It Loves Me SleepyFans 时之沙 Jun 12,2009
Bleach Vol.360:Shock of the Queen SleepyFans 时之沙 Jun 05,2009
Bleach Vol.359:The Frozen Obelisk SleepyFans 时之沙 May 29,2009
Bleach Vol.358:King of the Clouds SleepyFans 时之沙 May 22,2009
Bleach Vol.357:The Colossus of Fear SleepyFans 时之沙 May 16,2009
Bleach Vol.356:Tyrant of Skulls lolabutch 时之沙 May 08,2009
Volume 41
Bleach Vol.355:Azul-Blood Splash Sleepy Fans 时之沙 Apr 24,2009
Bleach Vol.354:The Heart Sleepy Fans 时之沙 Apr 17,2009
Bleach Vol.353:The Ash SleepyFans 时之沙 Apr 10,2009
Bleach Vol.352:The Lust 6 Sleepy Fans 时之沙 Apr 03,2009
Bleach Vol.351:The Lust 5 SleepyFans 时之沙 Mar 27,2009
Bleach Vol.350:The Lust 4 SleepyFans 时之沙 Mar 19,2009
Volume 40
Bleach Vol.349:The Lust 3 SleepyFans 时之沙 Mar 13,2009
Bleach Vol.348:The Lust 2 SleepyFans 时之沙 Mar 06,2009
Bleach Vol.347:The Lust SleepyFans 时之沙 Feb 27,2009
Bleach Vol.346:The Wrath SleepyFans 时之沙 Feb 20,2009
Bleach Vol.345:The Sloth SleepyFans 时之沙 Feb 14,2009
Bleach Vol.344:The Pride SleepyFans 时之沙 Feb 06,2009
Bleach Vol.343:The Gluttony SleepyFans 时之沙 Jan 30,2009
Bleach Vol.342:The Greed SleepyFans 时之沙 Jan 23,2009
Bleach Vol.341:The Envy SleepyFans 时之沙 Jan 16,2009
Volume 39
Bleach Vol.340:The Antagonizer Sleepy Fans 时之沙 Dec 31,2008
Bleach Vol.339:The Deathbringer Numbers Franky House 时之沙 Dec 18,2008
Bleach Vol.338:Fall Into My Inferno SleepyFans 时之沙 Dec 12,2008
Bleach Vol.337:Hall In Your Inferno SleepyFans 时之沙 Dec 05,2008
Bleach Vol.336:El Verdugo SleepyFans 时之沙 Nov 28,2008
Bleach Vol.335:Chimera Chord SleepyFans 时之沙 Nov 21,2008
Bleach Vol.334:Dregs of Hypnosis SleepyFans 时之沙 Nov 14,2008
Bleach Vol.333:Ash and Salamander Sleepy Fans 时之沙 Nov 07,2008
Bleach Vol.332:Fang & Sting SleepyFans 时之沙 Oct 31,2008
Volume 38
Bleach Vol.331:Don't Believe the Hide SleepyFans 时之沙 Oct 24,2008
Bleach Vol.330:Crossing Swords SleepyFans 时之沙 Oct 17,2008
Bleach Vol.329:Raging Rampage SleepyFans 时之沙 Oct 10,2008
Bleach Vol.328:The Knuckle Debate SleeepyFans 时之沙 Oct 05,2008
Bleach Vol.327:Knock Down Monsters FrankyHouse 时之沙 Sep 27,2008
Bleach Vol.326:Knockdown Monster SleepyFans 时之沙 Sep 19,2008
Bleach Vol.325:Fear for the Fight SleepyFans 时之沙 Sep 12,2008
Bleach Vol.324:The Claws SleepyFans 时之沙 Sep 05,2008
Bleach Vol.323:Gloomy, Ghastly and Full of Despair SleepyFans 时之沙 Aug 29,2008
Volume 37
Bleach Vol.322:Oath Under The Rose SleepyFans 时之沙 Aug 22,2008
Bleach Vol.321:Black Briers and Brambles SleepyFans 时之沙 Aug 09,2008
Bleach Vol.320:Beauty is so Solitary Maximum7 时之沙 Oct 23,2008
Bleach Vol.319:Ants and Dragons SleepyFans 时之沙 Jul 25,2008
Bleach Vol.318:Five Towers/Four Pillars SleepyFans 时之沙 Jul 18,2008
Bleach Vol.317.2:Six Hearts Will Beat As One SleepyFans 时之沙 Jul 11,2008
Bleach Vol.317.1:Swang The Edge Down SleepyFans 时之沙 Jun 27,2008
Bleach Vol.316.3:Let Stop The Pendulum (Ch. -97) SleepyFans 时之沙 Jun 20,2008
Bleach Vol.316.2:Turn Back the Pendulum 11 (Ch. -98) SleepyFans 时之沙 Jun 13,2008
Bleach Vol.316.1:Turn Back the Pendulum 10 (Ch. -99) SleepyFans 时之沙 Jun 07,2008
Volume 36
Bleach Vol.315.9:Turn Back The Pendulum 9 (Ch. -100) SleepyFans 时之沙 May 30,2008
Bleach Vol.315.8:Turn Back The Pendulum 8 (Ch. -101) SleepyFans 时之沙 May 23,2008
Bleach Vol.315.7:Turn Back The Pendulum 7 (Ch. -102) SleepyFans 时之沙 May 16,2008
Bleach Vol.315.6:Turn Back The Pendulum 6 (Ch. -103) SleepyFans 时之沙 May 10,2008
Bleach Vol.315.5:Turn Back the Pendulum 5 (Ch. -104) Basement Scans 时之沙 Apr 27,2008
Bleach Vol.315.4:Turn Back the Pendulum 4 (Ch. -105) Binktopia 时之沙 Apr 18,2008
Bleach Vol.315.3:Turn Back the Pendulum 3 (Ch. -106) Binktopia 时之沙 Apr 11,2008
Bleach Vol.315.2:Turn Back the Pendulum 2 (Ch. -107) 时之沙 Apr 05,2008
Bleach Vol.315.1:Turn Back The Pendulum (Ch. -108) 时之沙 Mar 29,2008
Volume 35
Bleach Vol.315:March Of The Death Franky House 时之沙 Mar 22,2008
Bleach Vol.314:Night Side of Abduction Binktopia 时之沙 Mar 14,2008
Bleach Vol.313:To Close Your World Binktopia 时之沙 Mar 08,2008
Bleach Vol.312:Fervorous-Ferocious Binktopia 时之沙 Mar 01,2008
Bleach Vol.311:The Undead Binktopia 时之沙 Feb 23,2008
Bleach Vol.310:Four Arms to Killing You Franky House 时之沙 Feb 16,2008
Bleach Vol.309:Pray For The Mantis Binktopia 时之沙 Feb 09,2008
Bleach Vol.308:Satan from Orbit Franky House 时之沙 Feb 02,2008
Bleach Vol.307:Bite it, Slash it Franky House 时之沙 Jan 26,2008
Bleach Vol.306:Not Perfect is GOoD Basement Scanlations 时之沙 Jan 20,2008
Volume 34
Bleach Vol.305:The Rising Phoenix Basement Scanlations 时之沙 Jan 01,2008
Bleach Vol.304:Battle of Barbarians Manga Share 时之沙 Dec 22,2007
Bleach Vol.303:Dumdum-Dummy-Dumbstruck MangaShare 时之沙 Dec 08,2007
Bleach Vol.302:Pride on the Blade 时之沙 Dec 01,2007
Bleach Vol.301:Shut up & Die 时之沙 Nov 25,2007
Bleach Vol.300:Curse Named Love 时之沙 Nov 18,2007
Bleach Vol.299:The Verbal Warfare 时之沙 Nov 10,2007
Bleach Vol.298:INTRUDERZ3 Manga Share 时之沙 Nov 03,2007
Bleach Vol.297:King of the Kill Manga Share 时之沙 Oct 30,2007
Bleach Vol.296:Changed Again And Again MangaShare 时之沙 Feb 02,2008
Volume 33
Bleach Vol.295:The Last Mission MangaShare 时之沙 Feb 02,2008
Bleach Vol.294:If You Call Me Beast, Kill You Like Tempest 时之沙 Nov 18,2007
Bleach Vol.293:Urge For Unite 时之沙 Nov 18,2007
Bleach Vol.292:Rupture My Replica 时之沙 Nov 18,2007
Bleach Vol.291:Thank You For Defending Me 时之沙 Nov 18,2007
Bleach Vol.290:The Broken Mask 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.289:The Scarmask 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.288:The Bad Joke 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.287:Dont Forget Till You Die 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 32
Bleach Vol.286.5:-16 Hyouken ni Shisu 时之沙 Oct 16,2009
Bleach Vol.286:Tooth and Nail 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.285:Eating Meat Alone 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.284:Historia de Pantera y su Sombras Maximum7 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.283:You Don't Hurt Anymore 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.282:The Primal Fear 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.281:The Vulgarian Noise 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.280:Jugulators 2 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.279:Jugulators 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 31
Bleach Vol.278:Heal For The Crash 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.277:Corrosion Of Conformity 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.276:Blookin' Beast 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.275:United Front 2[Red & White] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.274:The Monster 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.273:Dog Eat Dog 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.272:Don't Kill My Volupture 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.271:If You Rise From The Ashes 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.270:WARning 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 30
Bleach Vol.269:The End Is Near 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.268:You--Don't Give In To Death 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.267:Legions Of The Reglets 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.266:Hide Away From The Sun 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.265:Bang The Bore 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.264:Don't Say That Name Again 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.263:Unexpected 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.262:Unblendable 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.261:Left Arm Of The Devil 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 29
Bleach Vol.260.5:Bleach on the Beach 时之沙 Mar 24,2010
Bleach Vol.260:Right Arm Of The Giant 2 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.259:Flicker Flames 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.258:Seele Schneider 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.257:The Bird Hunter Maximum7 时之沙 Feb 02,2008
Bleach Vol.256:Infinite Slick 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.255:Don't Breathe In The Bush 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.254:Deja Chocolate Aqui 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.253:Don't Call Me Nino 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.252:Rebut to the Baron's Lecture 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 28
Bleach Vol.251:Baron's Lecture 1st Period 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.250:Five Ways To Three Figures 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.249:Back To The Innocent 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.248:Come Back Alive To This Place 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.247:United on the Desert 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.246:The Great Desert Bros. 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.245:The Way Without Enemies 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.244:Born From The Fear 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.243:The Knuckle & The Arrow 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 27
Bleach Vol.242:Two Men Are Burning 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.241:Silverflame 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.240:Regeneration 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.239:Winged Eagles 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.238:Eagle Without Wings 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.237:Goodbye, Halcyon Days 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.236:The Sun Already Gone Down 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.235:The Frozen Clutch 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.234:Not Negotiation 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 26
Bleach Vol.233:El Violador 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.232:The Mascaron Drive 2 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.231:The Mascaron Drive 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.230:The White Invasion 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.229:The Howling Tempest 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.228:Don't Look Back 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.227:The Swordless Soldier 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.226:The Right of The Heart 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.225:Slip Into My Barrier 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.224:Imitated Gaiety 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 25
Bleach Vol.223:The Scarlet Creation 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.222:No Shaking Throne 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.221:Let Eat The World's End 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.220:King & His Horse 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.219:Black & White 3 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.218:Dark Side of the Universe 3 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.217:Hole in My Heart 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.216:The Suppression of Darkness 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.215:Tug Your Gut Out 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 24
Bleach Vol.214:Immanent God Blues 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.213:Trifle 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.212:You Don't Hear My Name Anymore 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.211:Stroke of Sanity 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.210:Turn the True Power On 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.209:Lift the Limit 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.208:The Scissors 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.207:Mode Genocide 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.206:Mala Suerte! 5 Lucky 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 23
Bleach Vol.205.2:0.Side-B the rotator Ju-Ni 时之沙 Jul 23,2009
Bleach Vol.205.1:0.Side-A the sand Ju-Ni 时之沙 Jul 23,2009
Bleach Vol.205:Mala Suerte! 4 [Monstruo Monstruo] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.204:Mala Suerte 3 [Monstruo Sangrieta] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.203:Mala Suerte! 2 [El Monstruo] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.202:Mala Suerte! 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.201:Wind & Snowbound 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.200:Night of Sledgehammer 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.199:Ugly 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.198:The Icecold Discord 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 22
Bleach Vol.197:The Approaching Danger 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.196:Punch Down the Stonecicle 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.195:Death & Strawberry (Reprise) 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.194:Conquistadores 5 [La Basura] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.193:Conquistadores 4 [Ebony & Ivory] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.192:Conquistadores 3 [Hounded Priestess] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.191:Conquistadores 2 [Screaming Symphony] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.190:Conquistadores 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.189:Resolve 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.188:Crush The World Down 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 21
Bleach Vol.187:The Cigar Blues Part Two 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.186:Tell Your Children the Truth 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.185:Be My Family or Not 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.184:Hush 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.183:Eyes of the Unknown 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.182:Get Back From The Storm [Trigger for a New Concerto] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.181:And the Rain Left Off 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.180:Something in the Aftermath 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.179:Confession in the Twilight 时之沙 Feb 02,2008
Volume 20
Bleach Vol.178:End of Hypnosis 9 [No One Stand On The Sky] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.177:End of Hypnosis 9 [Completely Encompass] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.176:End of Hypnosis 8 [The transfixion] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.175:End of Hypnosis 7 [Truth Under My Strings] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.174:End of Hypnosis 6 [The United Front] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.173:End of Hypnosis 5 [Standing to Defend You] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.172:End Of Hypnosis 4 [Prisoners in Paradise] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.171:End Of Hypnosis 3 [The Blue Fog] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.170:End Of Hypnosis 2 [The Galvanizer] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.169:End of Hypnosis 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.168.5:-12.5 Blooming Under a Cold Moon M7 时之沙 Jul 23,2009
Volume 19
Bleach Vol.168:Behind Me, Behind You 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.167:The Burial Chamber 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.166:Black & White 2 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.165:Dark Side Of Universe 2 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.164:That Who Change The World 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.163:The Speed Phantom 2 [Denial by Pride, Contradiction by Power] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.162:Black Moon Rising 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.161:Scratch In The Sky 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.160:Battle On The Gulilotine Hill 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.159:Long Way To Say Goodbye 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 18
Bleach Vol.158:Sky Leopardess 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.157:Cat And Hornet 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.156:Welcome To Purgatory 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.155:Redoundable Deeds/Redoubtful Babies 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.154:The God Of Flash 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.153:Empty Dialogue 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.152:The Speed Phantom 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.151:Deathberry Returns 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.150:Countdown To The End0 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 17
Bleach Vol.149:Countdown To The End1 (Only Mercifully) 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.148:Countdown To The End2 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.147:Countdown To The End3 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.146:Demon Loves The Dark 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.145:Shaken 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.144:Rosa Rubloundior,Lillo Candidlor 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.143:Parthian Shaft 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.142:Tsuki Wo Tora Umono Ha Tsugu 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.141:Kneel To The Baboon King 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.140:Bite the Moon 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 16
Bleach Vol.139:Drowsy,Bloody,Crazy 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.138:Individual Thoughts 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.137:Surrounding Clutch 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.136:Memories In The Rain 2 Op.4 "Night Of Wijinruit" 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.135:Memories In The Rain 2 Op.3 "Stepping Into Darkness" 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.134:Memories In The Rain 2 Op.2 "Longing For Sanctuary" 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.133:Memories In The Rain 2 "the nocturne" 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.132:Creeping Limit 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.131:The True Will 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 15
Bleach Vol.130.5:-17 Prelude For The Straying Stars Yakaji 时之沙 Jul 23,2009
Bleach Vol.130:Suspicion2[of Tears] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.129:Suspicion[for Assassination] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.128:The Great Joint Struggle Union 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.127:Beginning Of The Death Of Tomorrow 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.126:The Last Of a Void War 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.125:Insanity & Genius 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.124:Crying Little People 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 14
Bleach Vol.123:Pledge My Pride To 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.122:Don't Lose Your Grip On 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.121:In Sane We Trust 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.120:Shake Hands with Grenades 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.119:Secret of the Moon 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.118:The Supernal Tag 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.117:Remnant 2 [Deny The Shadow] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.116:White Tower Rocks 时之沙 Dec 08,2017
Volume 13
Bleach Vol.115:Remnant 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.114:Everything About The World Soon To Collapse 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.113:The Undead 3 [Closing Frantica] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.112:The Undead 2 [Rise & Craze] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.111:Black & White 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.110:Dark Side of The Universe 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.109:Like A Tiger Treading On The Flowers 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.108:Time For Scare 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 12
Bleach Vol.107.5:0.8a Wonderful Error 时之沙 Jul 23,2009
Bleach Vol.107:Heat In Trust 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.106:Cause For Confront 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.105:Spring,Spring,Meets The Tiger 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.104:The Undead 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.103:Dominion 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.102:Nobody Beats 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.101:Split Under The Red Stalk 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.100:Like The Flower On The Rock Wall 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.099:Dead Black War Cloud 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 11
Bleach Vol.098:The Star And The Tramp 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.097:Talk About Your Fear 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.096:Bloodred Conflict 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.095:CRUSH 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.094:Gaol Named Remorse 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.093:Steer For The Star 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.092:Masterly ! And Farewell ! [Reprise] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.091:King Of Freichutz 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.090:See You Under a Firework 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.089:Masterly ! And Farewell ! 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 10
Bleach Vol.088.2:Karakura Super Heroes 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.088.1:So Unlucky We Are 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.087:Dancing With Spears 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.086:Making Good Relations,OK? 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.085:INTRUDERZ2 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.084:The Shooting Star Project 2 [Tattoo On The Sky] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.083:Come With Me 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.082:Confictable Composition 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.081:Twelve Tone Rendevous 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.080:The Shooting Star Project 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 09
Bleach Vol.079:Fourteen Days For Conspiracy 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.078:meeT iT aT basemenT 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.077:My Name Is Ganju 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.076:Boarrider Comin' 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.075:Rain of Blood 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.074:Armlost, Armlost 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.073:Drizzly Axes 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.072:The Superchunk 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.071:Intruders 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 08
Bleach Vol.070:Where Hollows Fear To Tread 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.069:2500 gathering 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.068:Last Summer Vacation 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.067:"End of Lesson" 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.066:The Blade and Me 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.065:Collisions 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.064:BACK IN BLACK 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.063:Lesson 2-3 Innercircle Breakdown 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.062:Lesson2-2 Bad Endin' in the Shaft 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 07
Bleach Vol.061:Lesson2 Shattered Shaft 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.060:Lesson 1-2 Down!! 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.059:Lesson 1 One Strike + Jailed at Home 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.058:Blank 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.057:Unfinished July Rain 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.056:Broken Coda 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.055:SHUT 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.054:The Rookie that can't ask it's Name 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.053:Nice to meet you. I will beat you. 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 06
Bleach Vol.052:(Needless Emotions) 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.051:DEATH 3 Maximum7 时之沙 Apr 19,2009
Bleach Vol.050:Quincy Archer Hates You Part2 [Blind But Bleed Mix] Maximum7 时之沙 Apr 19,2009
Bleach Vol.049:unchained. 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.048:Menos Grande 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.047:Back to Back ~ Tearing Sky 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.046:Karneades ~ Back to Back 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.045:PoInt of Purpose 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.044:Awaken [to the Threat] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 05
Bleach Vol.043:Princess & Dragon Part.3 ''Six flowers'' 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.042:Princess & Dragon Part.2 ''The Majestic'' 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.041:Princess & Dragon 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.040:Grow? 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.039:Rightarm of The Giant 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.038:BENT 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.037:Crossing The Rubicon 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.036:For the sake of revenge, lead us to death 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.035:Can You Be My Enemy? 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 04
Bleach Vol.034:Quincy Archer Hates You 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.033:ROCKIN' FUTURE 7 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.032:Hero is Always With Me? 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.031:HEROES CAN SAVE YOU 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.030:Second Contact [it was outside the scope of our understanding] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.029:Stop that stupid!! 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.028:Symptom of Synesthesia 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.027:Spirits Ain't Always WITH US 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.026:Paradise Is Nowhere 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 03
Bleach Vol.025.2:Things Like Loneliness KEFI 时之沙 Jul 23,2009
Bleach Vol.025:6/17 op.9 "fighting boy 2[The Cigar Blues Mix]" 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.024:6/17 op.8 "All One Way Sympathies" 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.023:6/17 op.7 "Sharp Intent, Dull Blade" 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.022:6 / 17 op.6 "BATTLE ON GRAVEYARD" 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.021:6 / 17 op.5 "fighting boy" 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.020:6/17 op.4 "Face Again" n/a 时之沙 Dec 05,2008
Bleach Vol.019:6/17 op.3 "Memories in the rain" 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.018:6/17 op.2 "Can't Smile Don't Blame" 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.017:6 / 17 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 02
Bleach Vol.016:Wasted but Wanted. 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.015:Jumpin' Jack, Jolted. 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.014:School Daze!!! 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.013:Bad Standard 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.012:The Gate of the End 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.011:Back. [Leachbomb or Mom] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.010:Monster and a Transfer pt.2 [The Deathberry] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.009:Monster and a Transfer Student pt.1 [Struck Down] 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.008:Chase Chad Around 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Volume 01
Bleach Vol.007:Chad Yasutora 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.006:microcrack. 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.005:Binda Blinda 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.004:Why do you eat it 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.003:Orihime Inoue 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.002:Starter 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.001:The soul reaper 时之沙 Oct 15,2007
Bleach Vol.000:One shot - Pilot 时之沙 Apr 02,2013


Bleach follows the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki after he obtains the powers of a Soul Reaper —a death personification similar to the Grim Reaper—from another Soul Reaper, Rukia Kuchiki. His newfound powers force him to take on the duties of defending humans from evil spirits and guiding departed souls to the afterlife. What the Bleach manga attracted us is not the novel lot, but the interpretation about the fate of Ichigo Kurosaki, a young who stay with the sad memories. The Bleach tried to outline the story out with a lot of memories and dialogues, slowly but implicative.
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