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Beelzebub Comic Introduction

Beelzebub Summary

The story follows the "strongest juvenile delinquent," Oga Tatsumi as he watches over the demon king's son (AKA the future demon king, nicknamed Beel) with the destruction of the world hanging in the balance.
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Volume 22
Beelzebub Vol.240.6:Side Story 6 Parent And Child 时之沙 Mar 23,2015
Beelzebub Vol.240.5:Side Story 5 Love Blooms in The Season of Partings 时之沙 Dec 29,2014
Beelzebub Vol.240.4:Side Story 4 Furuichi, the Hero Nov 1, 2014 时之沙 Dec 29,2014
Beelzebub Vol.240.3:Side Story 3 The Diary of the Ishiyama Boys Adrift at Sea 时之沙 Aug 21,2014
Beelzebub Vol.240.2:Side Story 2 Badump? It's All Ishiyama Up in This Beach! 时之沙 Aug 08,2014
Beelzebub Vol.240.1:Side Story You Can Make 100 Friends, Right? 时之沙 May 09,2014
Beelzebub Vol.240:Last Babu, Good Babu, Ishiyama High(End) 时之沙 Feb 20,2014
Beelzebub Vol.239:Zebul Finisher Red Hawk Scanlations 时之沙 Feb 13,2014
Beelzebub Vol.238:The Final Attack Red Hawk Scanlations 时之沙 Feb 07,2014
Beelzebub Vol.237:Guess I'll Show You Red Hawk Scanlations 时之沙 Jan 31,2014
Beelzebub Vol.236:Enough Already!! 时之沙 Jan 24,2014
Beelzebub Vol.235:Countdown 时之沙 Jan 17,2014
Beelzebub Vol.234:Just A Monster 时之沙 Dec 25,2013
Beelzebub Vol.233:Ishiyama, A Mountain of Stones 时之沙 Dec 20,2013
Beelzebub Vol.232:Back to Ishiyama 时之沙 Dec 13,2013
Beelzebub Vol.231:It Was A Fun Ride Red Hawk Scanlations 时之沙 Dec 05,2013
Beelzebub Vol.230:A Mother Always Worries 时之沙 Nov 29,2013
Beelzebub Vol.229:Father and Son, and Mother 时之沙 Nov 21,2013
Beelzebub Vol.228:Captain Fuck! 时之沙 Nov 15,2013
Beelzebub Vol.227:Genuine Thug 时之沙 Nov 07,2013
Beelzebub Vol.226:How Far is Mom's House? Red Hawk Scanlations 时之沙 Oct 24,2013
Beelzebub Vol.225:Fuckin' Jap!! 时之沙 Oct 18,2013
Beelzebub Vol.224:The Crab and the Joke 时之沙 Oct 09,2013
Beelzebub Vol.223:Even with Three of Them, Furuichi Is an Idiot 时之沙 Oct 03,2013
Beelzebub Vol.222:Infighting! Triple Furuichi 时之沙 Sep 26,2013
Beelzebub Vol.221:Farewell! Furuichi!! Red Hawk Scanlations 时之沙 Sep 18,2013
Beelzebub Vol.220:Ishiyama's Head Dog 时之沙 Sep 11,2013
Beelzebub Vol.219:Absurdity Reigns! 时之沙 Sep 08,2013
Beelzebub Vol.218:Checkmate 时之沙 Aug 29,2013
Beelzebub Vol.217:Double-crosser Red Hawk Scanlations 时之沙 Aug 22,2013
Beelzebub Vol.216:Dah Dah Dah Dah Dash!! 时之沙 Aug 08,2013
Beelzebub Vol.215:Baby Bell Is Gone! 时之沙 Aug 01,2013
Beelzebub Vol.214:Bloom 时之沙 Jul 25,2013
Beelzebub Vol.213:Tekamiya And Lucifer 时之沙 Jul 18,2013
Beelzebub Vol.212:The Man Least Suited 时之沙 Jul 10,2013
Volume 20
Beelzebub Vol.211:The Toujou of Tennis 时之沙 Jul 04,2013
Beelzebub Vol.210:I Don't Have That 时之沙 Jun 27,2013
Beelzebub Vol.209:Touhoushin(kin) 时之沙 Jun 20,2013
Beelzebub Vol.208:Furuichi Is Dead!!? 时之沙 Jun 14,2013
Beelzebub Vol.207:You're The One Who's Going to Die! Red Hawk Scanlations 时之沙 Jun 07,2013
Beelzebub Vol.206:Worlds Above You ! 时之沙 May 30,2013
Beelzebub Vol.205:Furuichi Runs On Hecados' Power 时之沙 May 23,2013
Beelzebub Vol.204:The Captured Tactician 时之沙 May 17,2013
Beelzebub Vol.203:The Traitorous Pompadour 时之沙 May 09,2013
Beelzebub Vol.202:King's Crest for Dummies 时之沙 Apr 26,2013
Beelzebub Vol.201:The Queen Dances 时之沙 Apr 18,2013
Beelzebub Vol.200:The 3rd Red Hawk Scanlations 时之沙 Apr 11,2013
Beelzebub Vol.199:Get Her! 时之沙 Apr 04,2013
Beelzebub Vol.198:A Clash Between the Old and New Red Tails! 时之沙 Mar 28,2013
Volume 15
Beelzebub Vol.197:This is Bad!!? 时之沙 Mar 20,2013
Beelzebub Vol.196:The Weight of His Fists? 时之沙 Mar 14,2013
Beelzebub Vol.195:Daddy Switch!! 时之沙 Mar 07,2013
Beelzebub Vol.194:Kanzaki Strikes Back 时之沙 Feb 28,2013
Beelzebub Vol.193:VS. The Poltergeists!! 时之沙 Feb 21,2013
Beelzebub Vol.192:That's Exactly What I was Going to Do! 时之沙 Feb 14,2013
Beelzebub Vol.191:Who's Going to Beat Oga? 时之沙 Feb 06,2013
Beelzebub Vol.190:Ishiyama's Six Upstarts Red Hawk Scanlations 时之沙 Jan 31,2013
Beelzebub Vol.189:Oh! My Eggplant Red Hawk Scanlations 时之沙 Jan 24,2013
Beelzebub Vol.188:The Den of Hoodlums 时之沙 Jan 17,2013
Beelzebub Vol.187:Trial! 时之沙 Dec 28,2012
Beelzebub Vol.186:The Final Decisive X'mas Battle!! Part 2 时之沙 Dec 19,2012
Beelzebub Vol.185:The Final Decisive X’mas Battle!! 时之沙 Dec 13,2012
Beelzebub Vol.184:Semifinals! Vs. Toujou! 时之沙 Dec 06,2012
Beelzebub Vol.183:Ishiyama Battle!! 时之沙 Nov 29,2012
Beelzebub Vol.182:Fierce Battle!! Best 8 时之沙 Nov 21,2012
Beelzebub Vol.181:Showdown! The Strongest Couple!! 时之沙 Nov 15,2012
Beelzebub Vol.180:The Tournament Starts!! 时之沙 Nov 08,2012
Beelzebub Vol.179:The Curtain Rises! Saint-Sent X’mas!! 时之沙 Oct 31,2012
Beelzebub Vol.178:Christmas is Coming!! Part 2 Red Hawk Scanlations 时之沙 Oct 24,2012
Beelzebub Vol.177:Christmas Is Coming!! 时之沙 Oct 19,2012
Beelzebub Vol.176:The Season’s Already Winter 时之沙 Oct 10,2012
Beelzebub Vol.175:Damn Strong Already! 时之沙 Oct 02,2012
Beelzebub Vol.174:Tatsumi and Takachin 时之沙 Sep 26,2012
Beelzebub Vol.173:Oga Vs. Furuichi Red Hawk Scanlations 时之沙 Sep 19,2012
Beelzebub Vol.172:Furuichi Vs. Toujou 时之沙 Sep 12,2012
Beelzebub Vol.171:Furuichi Vs. Shinki!! 时之沙 Sep 06,2012
Beelzebub Vol.170:Mob-ichi Graduates! 时之沙 Aug 31,2012
Beelzebub Vol.169:Furuichi Panic Red Hawk Scanlations 时之沙 Aug 23,2012
Beelzebub Vol.168:Fiancee 时之沙 Aug 13,2012
Beelzebub Vol.167:The Man I Fell in Love With Ryuuhei Tamura 时之沙 Aug 02,2012
Beelzebub Vol.166:Mother 时之沙 Jul 26,2012
Beelzebub Vol.165:Pompadour 时之沙 Jul 19,2012
Beelzebub Vol.164:Disgust 时之沙 Jul 12,2012
Beelzebub Vol.163:Falling Out 时之沙 Jul 05,2012
Beelzebub Vol.162.5:Omake Red Hawk Scanlations 时之沙 Aug 20,2012
Beelzebub Vol.162:Spur of The Moment Fighter 时之沙 Jun 29,2012
Beelzebub Vol.161:San Marx Privant Fine Arts Academy 时之沙 Jun 21,2012
Beelzebub Vol.160:Video Message 时之沙 Jun 17,2012
Beelzebub Vol.159:A Conclusion to The Hero Show! 时之沙 Jun 08,2012
Beelzebub Vol.158:We're Going to Be in the Hero Show! 时之沙 May 31,2012
Beelzebub Vol.157:We're Going to the Hero Show! 时之沙 May 24,2012
Beelzebub Vol.156:Baby Driver 时之沙 May 17,2012
Beelzebub Vol.155:The School Trip is Done 时之沙 May 10,2012
Beelzebub Vol.154:Showdown Between the Child-Rearing Badasses 时之沙 Apr 29,2012
Beelzebub Vol.153.5:Beelzebabubabubabu Red Hawk Scanlations 时之沙 Apr 29,2012
Beelzebub Vol.153:Chief 时之沙 Apr 20,2012
Beelzebub Vol.152:Lost 时之沙 Apr 12,2012
Beelzebub Vol.151:Storm of Love Red Hawk Scanlations 时之沙 Apr 05,2012
Beelzebub Vol.150:Churai Red Hawk Scanlations 时之沙 Mar 29,2012
Beelzebub Vol.149:Chiyo Aiba 时之沙 Mar 22,2012
Beelzebub Vol.148:Izou Aiba Red Hawk Scans 时之沙 Mar 15,2012
Beelzebub Vol.147:Child-Rearing Badass on a Field Trip 时之沙 Mar 08,2012
Beelzebub Vol.146:We're Going on a Field Trip!! 时之沙 Mar 02,2012
Beelzebub Vol.145:Watercut 时之沙 Feb 23,2012
Beelzebub Vol.144:Futaba 时之沙 Feb 16,2012
Volume 13
Beelzebub Vol.143:Young Boss Red Hawk Scanlations 时之沙 Feb 09,2012
Beelzebub Vol.142:The Prince's Kiss Red Hawk Scanlations 时之沙 Feb 02,2012
Beelzebub Vol.141:The Wet Nurse with Amnesia 时之沙 Jan 27,2012
Beelzebub Vol.140:We're Going to Get Your Memories Back!! Red Hawk Scans 时之沙 Jan 19,2012
Beelzebub Vol.139:Tatsumi Red Hawk Scanlations 时之沙 Jan 12,2012
Beelzebub Vol.138.1:.New Year Special Red Hawk Scanlations 时之沙 Jan 13,2012
Beelzebub Vol.138:Demon Lord's Father 时之沙 Dec 27,2011
Beelzebub Vol.137:VS. Jabberwock 时之沙 Dec 15,2011
Volume 12
Beelzebub Vol.136:General of the Army 时之沙 Dec 09,2011
Beelzebub Vol.135:Game Red Hawk Scanlations 时之沙 Dec 01,2011
Beelzebub Vol.134:Girl's Battle Red Hawk Scanlations 时之沙 Nov 24,2011
Beelzebub Vol.133.5:Bub's Masterpiece Corner Red Hawk Scanlations 时之沙 Nov 24,2011
Beelzebub Vol.133:Fight Red Hawk Scanlations 时之沙 Nov 19,2011
Beelzebub Vol.132:The King and I 时之沙 Nov 12,2011
Beelzebub Vol.131:I Suck at Math 时之沙 Nov 03,2011
Beelzebub Vol.130:Oga Returns Home 时之沙 Oct 28,2011
Beelzebub Vol.129:The Captured Wet Nurses 时之沙 Oct 21,2011
Beelzebub Vol.128:Nazuna and Zen 时之沙 Oct 14,2011
Beelzebub Vol.127:Field (Battle) Training 时之沙 Oct 07,2011
Beelzebub Vol.126:Vs Citizens!? 时之沙 Sep 29,2011
Beelzebub Vol.125:Ikaruga Suiten 时之沙 Sep 23,2011
Beelzebub Vol.124:Decapitation Island 时之沙 Sep 14,2011
Beelzebub Vol.123:HR at Demon High 时之沙 Sep 08,2011
Beelzebub Vol.122:All-Star Team 时之沙 Sep 01,2011
Beelzebub Vol.121:Game 时之沙 Aug 25,2011
Beelzebub Vol.120:General of the Army 时之沙 Aug 19,2011
Beelzebub Vol.119:The Raiding Party Vs. Agiel!! 时之沙 Aug 04,2011
Beelzebub Vol.118:Let's Infiltrate the Akumano School!! 时之沙 Jul 29,2011
Beelzebub Vol.117:A Greeting 时之沙 Jul 22,2011
Beelzebub Vol.116:Ishiyama Is Rebuilt 时之沙 Jul 14,2011
Beelzebub Vol.115:Kunieda and THAT Guy 时之沙 Jul 08,2011
Beelzebub Vol.114:The Red Tails' Scheme 时之沙 Jun 30,2011
Beelzebub Vol.113:Cat Fight 时之沙 Jun 23,2011
Beelzebub Vol.112:Like Oga 时之沙 Jun 16,2011
Beelzebub Vol.111:Body Exchange 时之沙 Jun 09,2011
Beelzebub Vol.110:Case Closed, I Guess 时之沙 Jun 02,2011
Beelzebub Vol.109:The End of the Fight!? The Start!? 时之沙 May 26,2011
Beelzebub Vol.108:Super Milk Time 时之沙 May 22,2011
Beelzebub Vol.107:I'm... 时之沙 May 14,2011
Beelzebub Vol.106:Oga's Fight 时之沙 May 06,2011
Beelzebub Vol.105.5:[Side Story Red Tail] 时之沙 May 04,2011
Beelzebub Vol.105:The Demons Have Returned 时之沙 Apr 23,2011
Beelzebub Vol.104:Hilda's Pissed 时之沙 Apr 16,2011
Beelzebub Vol.103:What Are They Up to Next Door?! 时之沙 Apr 09,2011
Beelzebub Vol.102:Found Ya! 时之沙 Apr 02,2011
Beelzebub Vol.101:Game Over!! 时之沙 Mar 19,2011
Volume 11
Beelzebub Vol.100:Follow Baby-Beel!! 时之沙 Mar 12,2011
Beelzebub Vol.099:Cheat?! 时之沙 Mar 04,2011
Beelzebub Vol.098:I Won't Cast Away My Pride 时之沙 Feb 25,2011
Beelzebub Vol.097:The End of War 4 时之沙 Feb 19,2011
Beelzebub Vol.096:Video Game Match!! 时之沙 Feb 12,2011
Beelzebub Vol.095:The "Surfing" Prince 时之沙 Feb 06,2011
Beelzebub Vol.094:If the Secret's Out, It's Over 时之沙 Jan 30,2011
Beelzebub Vol.093:A Devil's XXXX 时之沙 Jan 24,2011
Beelzebub Vol.092:Stone and Willpower 时之沙 Jan 17,2011
Beelzebub Vol.091:Training on the Mountain 2 时之沙 Dec 30,2010
Volume 10
Beelzebub Vol.090:The Training!! 时之沙 Dec 17,2010
Beelzebub Vol.089:I'm so Weak 时之沙 Dec 12,2010
Beelzebub Vol.088.5:Beel Beel "Saiyuki" Let's Head Towards Tenjiku!! (Omake) 时之沙 Jun 13,2011
Beelzebub Vol.088:It Pisses Me Off 时之沙 Dec 04,2010
Beelzebub Vol.087:I Never Expected This to Happen 时之沙 Nov 27,2010
Beelzebub Vol.086:Will Die 时之沙 Nov 19,2010
Beelzebub Vol.085:A Demon? That's a Demon, Right? 时之沙 Nov 19,2010
Beelzebub Vol.084:Confrontation 时之沙 Nov 10,2010
Beelzebub Vol.083:Behemoth's Pillar squad 时之沙 Nov 04,2010
Beelzebub Vol.082:The Crybaby Brothers 时之沙 Oct 28,2010
Beelzebub Vol.081:Destroy Humanity 时之沙 Oct 21,2010
Beelzebub Vol.080:He Came 时之沙 Oct 11,2010
Volume 09
Beelzebub Vol.079:I'm Not Your Enemy 时之沙 Oct 04,2010
Beelzebub Vol.078:Saotome Zenjuurou 时之沙 Sep 27,2010
Beelzebub Vol.077:A New ____ Yo! Keishou Scans 时之沙 Sep 19,2010
Beelzebub Vol.076:The Demon King Has Come Keishou Scans 时之沙 Sep 12,2010
Beelzebub Vol.075.5:Extra Story I Had A Fight Keishou Scans 时之沙 Sep 05,2010
Beelzebub Vol.075:Back To Back Keishou Scans 时之沙 Sep 04,2010
Beelzebub Vol.074:I Can't Take It Anymore! Keishou Scans 时之沙 Aug 28,2010
Beelzebub Vol.073:The Man Who Came To Destroy Keishou Scans 时之沙 Aug 21,2010
Beelzebub Vol.072.5:[Side Story Activate!! Morning of the Robo-Oga] 时之沙 May 04,2011
Beelzebub Vol.072:I Won't Let This End!! Keishou Scans 时之沙 Aug 08,2010
Beelzebub Vol.071:Secret Weapon Keishou 时之沙 Jul 31,2010
Volume 08
Beelzebub Vol.070:Volleyball Match Keishou Scans 时之沙 Jul 25,2010
Beelzebub Vol.069:St. Ishiyama Festival Keishou Scans 时之沙 Jul 17,2010
Beelzebub Vol.068:Oga VS Toujou!! Keishou Scans 时之沙 Jul 11,2010
Beelzebub Vol.067:Oga VS Miki!! Keishou Scans 时之沙 Jul 04,2010
Beelzebub Vol.066:I Don't Know You! Keishou Scans 时之沙 Jun 28,2010
Beelzebub Vol.065:What am I Doing Keishou 时之沙 Jun 20,2010
Beelzebub Vol.064:You're The Captain Keishou Scans 时之沙 Jun 14,2010
Beelzebub Vol.063:Volleyball or Die Franky House 时之沙 Jun 13,2010
Beelzebub Vol.062:Boobie Volley Keishou Scans 时之沙 May 31,2010
Volume 07
Beelzebub Vol.061:What's the Next Battle? Keishou Scans 时之沙 May 24,2010
Beelzebub Vol.060:The Best Keishou Scans 时之沙 May 18,2010
Beelzebub Vol.059:He's Finally Here Keishou Scans 时之沙 May 10,2010
Beelzebub Vol.058:The Late Man Keishou Scans 时之沙 Apr 28,2010
Beelzebub Vol.057:I Don't Know You Keishou Scans 时之沙 Apr 18,2010
Beelzebub Vol.056:Confrontation Keishou Scans 时之沙 Apr 13,2010
Beelzebub Vol.055:Everyone Go Home Keishou Scans 时之沙 Apr 05,2010
Beelzebub Vol.054:Kanzaki Hajime Keishou Scans 时之沙 Mar 26,2010
Beelzebub Vol.053:Question! Keishou Scans 时之沙 Mar 20,2010
Volume 06
Beelzebub Vol.052:Battle of Swords Keishou Scans 时之沙 Mar 14,2010
Beelzebub Vol.051:Come out with me for a sec Keishou Scans 时之沙 Mar 07,2010
Beelzebub Vol.050:Idiots are no good Keishou Scans 时之沙 Mar 03,2010
Beelzebub Vol.049:Summer Break Debut Keishou Scans 时之沙 Feb 19,2010
Beelzebub Vol.048:Saint Ishiyama Academy Keishou Scans 时之沙 Feb 12,2010
Beelzebub Vol.047.5:Omake 1 Franky House 时之沙 Jun 29,2010
Beelzebub Vol.047:The End of Our Adventure Keishou Scans 时之沙 Feb 05,2010
Beelzebub Vol.046:Baby Beel Is Huge!! Keishou Scans 时之沙 Jan 29,2010
Beelzebub Vol.045:Get Bigger Keishou Scans 时之沙 Jan 22,2010
Beelzebub Vol.044:Angelica Keishou Scans 时之沙 Jan 15,2010
Volume 05
Beelzebub Vol.043:Enemies, Right? Keishou Scans 时之沙 Dec 26,2009
Beelzebub Vol.042:He Died Keishou Scans 时之沙 Dec 18,2009
Beelzebub Vol.041:Honmakai? Keishou Scans 时之沙 Dec 11,2009
Beelzebub Vol.040:Strongest Grandpa Sugooi Scans 时之沙 Dec 04,2009
Beelzebub Vol.039:Baby Hermetting I Eat Manga 时之沙 Nov 27,2009
Beelzebub Vol.038:At The End Of Summer Keishou Scans 时之沙 Nov 20,2009
Beelzebub Vol.037:Ishiyama's Best Keishou Scans 时之沙 Nov 13,2009
Beelzebub Vol.036:I Won Keishou Scans 时之沙 Nov 06,2009
Beelzebub Vol.035:Don't Interfere I Eat Manga & Sugooi Scans 时之沙 Oct 31,2009
Volume 04
Beelzebub Vol.034:This One's The Father Keishou Scans 时之沙 Oct 24,2009
Beelzebub Vol.033:Which One? I Eat Manga 时之沙 Oct 18,2009
Beelzebub Vol.032:Fights And Fireworks Are The Attractions Of Ishiyama Keishou Scans 时之沙 Oct 10,2009
Beelzebub Vol.031:Everyone Assembled I Eat Manga 时之沙 Oct 05,2009
Beelzebub Vol.030:Join Us I Eat Manga 时之沙 Oct 01,2009
Beelzebub Vol.029:What Was I Thinking!? I Eat Manga 时之沙 Sep 21,2009
Beelzebub Vol.028:The Doctor Is In I Eat Manga 时之沙 Sep 13,2009
Beelzebub Vol.027:It Was Fun I Eat Manga 时之沙 Sep 06,2009
Beelzebub Vol.026:Fight I Eat Manga 时之沙 Aug 30,2009
Volume 03
Beelzebub Vol.025:Gone Without A Trace I Eat Manga 时之沙 Aug 24,2009
Beelzebub Vol.024:Get Out I Eat Manga 时之沙 Aug 10,2009
Beelzebub Vol.023:Tojou!! I Eat Manga 时之沙 Aug 01,2009
Beelzebub Vol.022:Isn't A Man At All I Eat Manga 时之沙 Jul 26,2009
Beelzebub Vol.021:When You Think About Of Summer, You Think Of This Right? I Eat Manga 时之沙 Jul 17,2009
Beelzebub Vol.020:Loss I Eat Manga 时之沙 Jul 11,2009
Beelzebub Vol.019:The Conclusion I Eat Manga 时之沙 Jul 04,2009
Beelzebub Vol.018:Decisive Battle I Eat Manga 时之沙 Jun 27,2009
Beelzebub Vol.017:You Are Unforgivable I Eat Manga 时之沙 Jun 21,2009
Volume 02
Beelzebub Vol.016:Two Women I Eat Manga 时之沙 Jun 13,2009
Beelzebub Vol.015:Hurricane Of Love I Eat Manga 时之沙 Jun 06,2009
Beelzebub Vol.014:The Second Meeting is Unavoidable Destiny I Eat Manga 时之沙 May 31,2009
Beelzebub Vol.013:The Man and Women Who Meet Again I Eat Manga 时之沙 May 25,2009
Beelzebub Vol.012:The Bored Demon Lord's Plaything I Eat Manga 时之沙 May 16,2009
Beelzebub Vol.011:Park Debut I Eat Manga 时之沙 May 10,2009
Beelzebub Vol.010:Love Begins Enigma! 时之沙 Apr 25,2009
Beelzebub Vol.009:Being A Man Means Enigma! 时之沙 Apr 18,2009
Beelzebub Vol.008:Come? Won't come? DBR 时之沙 Apr 11,2009
Volume 01
Beelzebub Vol.007:Stop Fighting Enigma! 时之沙 Apr 04,2009
Beelzebub Vol.006:That Enigma! 时之沙 Mar 28,2009
Beelzebub Vol.005:Planned to become the mother Cooldaigia Scanlation Group 时之沙 Mar 22,2009
Beelzebub Vol.004:Fly!! Noodles Love Gag Manga 时之沙 Mar 15,2009
Beelzebub Vol.003:Damn Strong Evil Bastard Noodles Loves Gag Manga 时之沙 Mar 09,2009
Beelzebub Vol.002:Child Carrying Gang Leader Starts J.A.C. 时之沙 Mar 02,2009
Beelzebub Vol.001:Like The Devil Hakki 时之沙 Mar 02,2009
Volume 00
Beelzebub Vol.000.1:[Delete] 时之沙 Aug 21,2010
Beelzebub Vol.000:Oneshot Trinity BAKumA 时之沙 Nov 03,2009


The story follows the "strongest juvenile delinquent," Oga Tatsumi as he watches over the demon king's son (AKA the future demon king, nicknamed Beel) with the destruction of the world hanging in the balance.
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